A new site counter was added to AASP member websites in July. The site counter records each visit to the members website during the time interval designated. The online counter is an invaluable tool for tracking practice website growth and utilization. The imbedded counter can be particularly helpful when assessing a response to recent marketing or a mass invitation for the public or patients to visit the website. 



The counter will also reflect increased activity on the member’s website from the National Directory of Spine Physicians. Academy members are invited to login and check their new website counter.


The member websites have also been enhanced with an AASP publication titled “30 Tips for Spine Health”. All AASP member websites are database driven, providing the AASP with the opportunity to easily update them new content and technology.


The AASP has redesigned the Patient Information Center on the AASP home page https://spinephysicians.org/. On the home page it will be named the Public Information Center (PIC). On a members website the same information may be titled Patient Information Center (also PIC). The AASP has set the bar high for educating the public and patients about the spine, spine disorders, and spinecare. Upon completion the expanded PIC will represent one of the most comprehensive multimedia spine resources on the internet. The PIC will display text, graphics, animations and audiovisual tools under a variety of headings.



The AASP is setting itself apart with websites that are educational, interactive and affordable. The current monthly website hosting and maintenance fee is 24.99 per month and it will remain at that price for existing members’ websites.


All new member websites set up after August 31, 2004 will be 49.99 per month for hosting and maintenance. The rate increase will allow the AASP to continue to develop new website technology and content.


Take advantage of the remaining time and sign up for AASP member website hosting and maintenance prior to the price increase deadline of August 31, 2004.


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