The American Academy of Spine Physicians continues its consultation with the Marine Military Academy. This month the AASP was involved with further development of the world class Human Performance Laboratory located at the Marine Military Academy. Much of the proposed equipment has been installed and is functioning. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation of neuromuscular performance. A considerable amount of the neuromuscular testing performed will be in a sequential manner allowing for post-training and exercise assessment to assess development of the cadets.


One of the more recent developments is the evaluation of vertical jump height and the isolation of neuromuscular factors which contribute to superior performance therein. The preliminary results of the vertical jump testing have already provided valuable insight about potential training considerations. Plans are in place to acquire the equipment necessary to evaluate gait and the biomechanics of running. Sophisticated testing of the muscles supporting the spine is also planned. The AASP is honored to be associated with the Marine Military Academy and its director, Major General Wayne Rollings.


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