Jackie Hawks

Over the course of many years, I've been to a number of doctors (chiropractors, MDs) with the hope of ending some chronic problems (neck, hip/lover back pain). Nothing seemed to work at all and, as a matter of fact, some problems got worse. Wow, Dr. Maxwell changed all of that and I honestly feel like I got my life back! It is amazing to be "pain free" and feeling good! His methods/approach really works!!

Melissa Bertalott

For 2-3 years, I have had chronic shoulder pain, a stiff neck and headaches. Since starting care with Dr. Maxwell, my neck pain is almost totally releaved. I have had no return of my headaches. My shoulder needs some therapy exercises. One of the differences about Dr Maxwell's treatment is that it works! With other Dr's, 5 mins after leaving the office my pain had returned. With Dr. Maxwell the pain didn't return.

Bill Fussner

To get right to the point Dr. Maxwell is an awesome physician and care giver, and he has improved the quality of my life with each and every visit. I have a history of neck and back issues and he knows exactly how to address every scenario I am finding myself in. I have no doubt that he is a gifted doctor and also a solid man who genuinely cares about his patients. I trust no one but Jeremy to take care of my neck and spine and you can trust him too.

Lori Younker

I came in to Dr. Maxwell in severe pain, needing a "miracle," I was surprised to find my lower back pain significantly improved by upper neck adjustments. In less than 10 minutes all the muscles on the right side of my body released from their ugly grip. Now I'm armed with various helpful exercises to maintain my posture and to be more mobile. Thank you so much, Dr. Maxwell.

Sharon Westerfield

This testimonial is long overdue. I started going to Dr. Maxwell when I first moved to Missouri two years ago. The Blair treatments have done more for me in the last two years than anything I tried to get relief from my back and sitting pain issues. I felt like Dr. Maxwell had the compassion and he really cared about helping me with my pain. I would recommend him highly. Thank you Dr. Maxwell for caring!

Julie Crockett

For years I have suffered serious headaches and shoulder, arm, and back pain as a result of TMJ. I had worked with my dentist and used a mouthguard nightly but continued to struggle with the condition. My dentist was ready to make a lower mouthguard for me to wear in addition to my upper one in hopes that this would alleviate some of the pain when I decided to take a different route. I started with Dr. Maxwell and in a very short period of time he had my whole body feeling better than it had in years. The muscle discomfort is gone and I very rarely have headaches. I am so grateful to Dr. Maxwell for giving me such relief. I strongly believe in the unique technique that he uses as a longterm correction for many aches and pains and would highly recommend that if someone has any kind of medical condition they visit him to talk about treatment options.

Carolyn Heilman

Dr Maxwell is such a caring compassionate individual that I always thoroughly enjoy my time with him. I went in for my appointment after several days of pain in my neck, back, arms and shoulders and with blurred vision. No knowing if his treatment could help or not. When I left the blurred vision was totally gone and by bedtime my pain was almost completely gone. I would never have believed it if it hadn't been me feeling the results. Dr Maxwell also counseled me with nutrition information and weight loss tips that I plan to put into practice. He truly cares about his patients. I would recommend him to everyone and have done so.

Angie Malone

"" Four years ago, I was attacked by a horse. Yes, a horse. I sustained severe injuries to my neck, shoulder, back, pelvis, hip and even a serious head injury. I have been under the care of several doctors and surgeons resulting in many painful tests and even surgeries. Nothing has really helped, even the physical therapy... which was suggested. After being told the only solution left was to be fused and to learn to "live with it", I tried Dr. Maxwell. After the first consultation and treatment, I had 3 complete days of relief. Mind you, I prayed for just ONE day of relief for four long years. Dr. Maxwell has continued to pray, treat and research additional methods of treatment for me. He completely understands my situation and is willing to work with my schedule and has as his goal to see that I have relief from pain. He doesn't just give 100%, he gives all he has and really cares about his patients. God works through you and may He continue to bless your life. You are a great asset to your profession. Thank you, Angie

Bart Ballew

I've had low back pain most of my adult life, but right before Christmas of 2008 I started experiencing severe low back and hip pain. I've been to chiropractors on and off since 1986 and was considering going to an orthopedic doctor. A good friend of mine recommended Dr. Maxwell. I can't begin to tell you how glad I am he did. In 3 visits my pain has been reduced by at least 70 percent and my mobility at work has improved even more. What is truly amazing to me is Dr. Maxwell's methods are unlike any I'd experienced before. I can say with with all sincerity that he is a doctor that isn't looking to keep you coming back, he's a doctor that is going to treat you with science that will help your body heal itself so that you don't have to keep coming back. I owe my friend and Doctor Maxwell a huge debt of gratitude. Thanks you! Bart Ballew Fayette, MO

R. Lorraine Barnett

I suffered for 5 months with a shoulder that was frozen. It required Medicated Assisted Manipulation to break up the scar tissue. Since seeing Dr. Maxwell, I have seen 100% improvement! Before I was in constant pain at night in my shoulder & arm. I couldn't raise my arm abouve my shoulder or put it behind my back. The results is I can now sleep on my side, wash my hair and hook my own bra with no discomfort! Dr Maxwell improved my level of comfort, but also improved my overall health and truely changed my life for the better. Thank you! R Lorraine Barnett, Ashland, MO

Nancy Lough

I suffered for 6-8 years with TMJ, thorasic spinal pain, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. The TMJ would give me headaches so severe I couldn't function! Since being under the care of Dr. Maxwell, I can honestly say I feel "cured" of my TMJ. I also have no neck, shoulder, or thorasic pain. It feels amazing to be free of that pain! Nancy Lough, Fayette, MO

Paul M. Zimmerman, JR

After suffering for 6 months with pain and stiffness in my shoulders, neck, and arms, a friend recommended Dr. Maxwell. After seeing him, I can again work, play, and rest totally pain free. This has allowed me to resume all my normal activities! I in turn recommend Dr. Maxwell to anybody I can.

Lance Hall

I have suffered for over 10 years with pain in both my upper and lower back! In the past, I have seen more than 8 chiropractors, undergone steroid injections,massage therapy, D.O. treatment and physical therapy. None of these treatments provided the lasting results that I have experienced with Dr. Maxwell. As a former golf professional, I have experienced numberous injuries to both my upper & lower back. Now that I am under treatment with Dr Maxwell, I am able to play golf multiple days in a row without the pain and tightness that used to plague me after only one round. Now I go to Dr. Maxwell for monthly maintenance, and using the stretches he has provided, I am healthier than I have been for a long time.

Bonnie Duren

After suffering for a few days with severe back pain, I sought out care from Dr Maxwell. I have totally improved since under his care, including the mild pain I had had for years and even my sinus and allergies have stopped. I can now sit without any back pain. I am FREE of allergies and/or sinus symptoms, taking no medication. I am also free of reflux without medication. I drink organic apple cider vinegar faithfully everyday and Papaya chewable tabs as needed. I am So thankful to have found Dr Maxwell! My body is healthier than it has been in a very long time. Praise God! Bonnie Duren Fayette, Missouri

Edith Martin

For years I had suffered with pain in my hip, lower back, and between my shoulders. After starting care with Dr. Maxwell, my symptoms gradually improved with treatments every few weeks. 6 months later, I am now working in my garden without pain! Edith Martin Memphis, MO

Anna Mae Martin

When I started seeing Dr Maxwell, I had been suffering for several weeks with terrible pain due to a bulging disc in my lower back. I couldn't sit and could hardly walk! Lying flat on my back was the only way I was half way comfortable. Getting up and down was very difficult! Thanks to God and Dr Maxwell, I now live a very active life as a farmwife and mother, primarily pain-free!

Roger McMurry

Prior to seeing Dr Maxwell, I suffered from continuous pain in the lower back and crooked posture. Dr Maxwell started by putting my head on straight, which has stopped all of my lower back pain. Overall, I have improved in a sense of well-being and am able to function without limitations in physical activities!!

Brenda Mansfield

After suffering from headaches, neck and hip pain for 2 years, I started under Dr. Maxwell's care. I am now able to turn my neck freely without tension, tightness or pain. My hips and lower back feel much better and headaches are very rare now!

Mark Mahnken

When I first came to see Dr Maxwell, I was suffering from pain in my right leg and lower back area... I was stiff throughout my body and lacked flexiblity. I had suffered with these conditions for about 5 years during which time I had tried several other practices without success. I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell to anyone who is seeking relief from pain. I now work and Play without pain, Sleep much better, and have a much better range of motion!

Trace Maltsberger

My husband and I were on vacation to see our son and his family in Colimbia, MO. I have sacroiliac problems down my right leg for which I am being treated by another doctor for pain management. But, my problem was that at night and sometimes during the day my hands would get numb and wake me up they hurt so bad. My step son called Jeremy and got me an appointment. I have been to several chiropractors over the years with not much relief from various ailments throughout my life. Mr. Maxwell explained to me what he does before he ever did anything. After my adjustment blood came to my hands and I was able to make a fist with no problem. After a few days, the numbness in my hands went completely away. Even the pain in my lower back subsided for a while. I really need to go back and get another adjustment. The problem? We live in Odessa, Texas. But, Mr. Maxwell gave me a name of a doctor here in Odessa that does the same thing that Mr. Maxwell does. I am making an appointment first chance I get. Hopefully, with other visits I can get off the pain medication that I am on and be a healthier person. Thank you to Mr. Maxwell for seeing me on very short notice and the consideration that your office showed me. I will be back.

Erika Griesemer

I suffer from migraine headaches. Their frequency and intensity had been increasing steadily over the past several months. My dentist had recommended Dr. Maxwell several months ago, however, I was very skeptical of the chiropractic practice. After an extremely painful week of one constant migraine, I decided there was nothing to lose by visiting Dr. Maxwell. That was the best decision I have ever made. After the first appointment I felt immediate relief. I cannot believe what a difference Dr. Maxwell's chiropractic care has made in my life. I tell everyone who will listen how he will be able to help them. I just want to thank him and his entire staff. You guys are the best!!

Todd Baslee

I walked in with a cane (because my lower back was out) and left feeling wonderful!!!. I have also had a neck surgery about 5 years ago and I was getting more frequent headaches as of late. Since going to Dr. Maxwell I have little if any neck problems or headaches and my lower back has been doing fine for a month. Praise God for the insight he has given Dr. Maxwell and Praise God for the relief of pain he has given me.

Jordan Green

I have had a major headache for over 5 months and the headache never goes away. I had been going to my family doctor who after 5 months told me that I couldn't be helped that it was "medically impossible" I usually rated the headaches around an 8 on the pain scale. We tried to get our doctor to send us to a Chiropractor but they wouldn't, so after my doctor gave up on me I had a friend tell me how good Dr. Maxwell was so I went in to see him. Dr. Maxwell examined my spine and determined that my headaches could be fixed. After 3 visits my headache went from an 8 to a 1 on the pain scale. Now I'm feeling great and will continue to go untill he says it's all fixed. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Maxwell to any and everyone, he is not only great at his job but also an awesome person and when you go to his office it's not like most other doctor offices because it's a very friendly place. Thank you Dr. Maxwell for helping get my life back.

Janet Schnell

I was given Dr Maxwells name a long time ago and never called I wish I had called sooner, since coming to his practice I have had much pain relief to my neck and back and he is always teaching me new exercises to help with my continued improvement. Thank you so much and my husband thanks you too\Jan and Dave

Andy McMurry

I suffered from knee pain/painful popping and glitches in my knee tendons when turning, sinus issues, allergies and allergy-related asthma. I really started noticing a cessation of these problems about one year after beginning treatment with Dr Maxewell, and now, after about 2 years, they have almost completely disappeared. If I'd been told before that Dr M's treatments would have these effects, I'd never have believed it, but thankfully my friend convinced me to give it a try!

For a while I thought it was just conicidence, until I realized that the anatomy of the back of my neck and upper shoulder area had totally changed and was no longer constantly knotted and inflamed. Where my neck/shoulder area was hard and tight is now soft and pliable to the touch.

My visits are now on a once-monthly basis and my overall health seems to continue to improve. I am amazed and thankful!!

Pat McMurry

As a commercial paperhanger I depend on my body's mobility. Dr Maxwell's treatments along with glucosamine have restored the strength, mobility, and comfort I had 15 years ago. I'm running up and down stairs and moving like a teenager. My joints have quit creaking and I have no pain at all anymore.

Vicki Glandon

I want all to know that if there is any way that Dr Maxwell can help you to move your head side to side, sit with your head resting on the back of a chair, sleep on your back, walk normal so your knees and feet do not hurt, all this and more, without pain, it is worth every trip to visit him and to let him help you as he has helped me. Also to not wake up with migranes-- Thank you for giving me my life back!

Ardyth Albertson

I feel better at 60 than I did at 50! Thanks to God & Dr. Maxwell.

Donna Beaman

Three years Iíve been treated by Dr. Maxwell. Each day I feel better. I was going to retire because of ill health. After only a few weeks, I was excited about going back into the classroom to teach! Life is again a blessing.

Cathy Schlotzhauer

If you look in the dictionary under skeptic, there's my name or rather it was there just last week, then I visited Dr. Maxwell for the first time. I had suffered numbness in both legs up to my waist for 3 weeks with no medical explanation. A referral to Dr. Maxwell found me visiting a chiropractor for the first time in my life. His knowledge and expertise is exceptional and reassuring. My numbness was completely gone in 24 hours. There is a place for an excellent chiropractor in your life. Skeptic no more!

Diane Chitwood

I am a monther of five-stay at home mom. There is only one thing I regret about visiting Dr. Maxwell's office, and that is that I didn't go sooner!!! Like all moms, you put your families needs ahead of your own, not realizing that if you don't feel good, you aren't being the kind of mom that you really want to be. I began to think that if my back and hips were giving me this much trouble now, what would it be like in 20 years. Thank goodness, I found the solution to my well being through Dr. Maxwell's office. Since he uses the Upper Cervical Blair Technique, he is not a traditional chiropractor that we all know. I think of him more of a chiropractor and physical therapist all in one. I feel that if you give Dr. Maxwell a chance, with a little time, you will start to feel like the person you want to be again. Visiting Dr. Maxwell's office is worth the time and money to know that when you get up in the morning, you are ready to face a wonderful day - pain free! Get your body back into the shape that the good Lord wanted it to be in!

Extremely Satisfied Customer

"I am absolutely amazed after just one visit with Dr. Maxwell! After receiving chiropractic care elsewhere, extensively for over ten years, I was not prepared for the dramatic changes that immediately occurred. I had grown accustomed and resigned to living with continual back and neck pain. When I went in for my first visit, it was, as usual, very painful and laborious to sit/stand straight, and to move my neck.

Within minutes of his treatment, I had the sensation of heat, electrical currents and tingling in my arms and hands, as well as my feet. The right side of my neck which had been full of "knots" and extremely painful to touch, for YEARS (with no relief), was literally - immediately painfree and soft to the touch after his treatment/adjustment. I have not felt so comfortable for at least 12 years (when I was a much younger person!). After only one visit, with Dr. Maxwell I couldn't be more surprised and "sold" on his logical, analytical approach and skill. Only four more days until I get to go again! Thank you Dr.!"

Sincerely, A very satisfied member!

Stan Utley

"I have traveled playing professional golf since 1985 and have been on the PGA or Nationwide Tour since 1989. Through those years I have had to battle low back pain and discomfort. Because I travel and play in tournaments on a regular basis, I feel that I am very experienced in many of the therapies and remedies available . Optimal performance is important. In order to achieve this, I have tried just about everything out there to help me maximize my health and fine tune my game on the tour.

I am excited to say the the 2001-year was the healthiest I have felt in years and I am confident in the reason. Not too long ago I discovered a chiropractor in Southern California who practiced the Upper Cervical Blair Procedure. I had been under conventional chiropractic for a while, but after my first Upper Cervical Blair adjustment, I knew I had discovered a procedure that was different, that was powerful and that was effective. As soon as my upper cervical misalignment was corrected/aligned properly, my low back pain completely went away. I am excited to look forward to a new and healthy lifestyle versus pain for years to come.

I have been under the care of Dr. Maxwell since May 2001 and hightly recomment that everyone be checked for upper-cervical misalignments. Take time to Discover Your Potential!

Stan Utley, PGA/Nationwide Golf Professional


Tim Chitwood New Franklin, MO

Tim Chitwood

I had been suffering from lower back pain for close to a year when I first went to see Dr. Maxwell. After my first adjustment, I couldn't believe how much better I felt! I didn't realize it, but before meeting Dr. Maxwell I had grown accustomed to the chronic pain in my back. Only after Dr. Maxwell performed his treatment did I realize how much I had been missing out on in life. I could once again participate in athletics such as basketball and golf. I went from feeling 42, to feeling my actual age, 22! And the best part, I feel great on a day-to-day basis. Thanks Dr. Maxwell!

Dave Smith

I first visited Dr. Maxwell 2 years ago. I was troubled with headaches(Migraines) and severe neck pain suffered in an auotmobile accident in 1995. He explained to me his Blair Method of Chiropractic and then informed me of the health and wellness of this method. I was given a thorough exam and treated using the Blair method. After just one treatment I could not beleive the results. That night I slept like like a rock. When I woke up in the morning I felt comfort in my neck and I did not have another headaches for close to 6 months. I was having headaches and neck pain daily. Not anymore! Thanks to Dr. Maxwell I no longer have the reoccuring headaches, or neck pain I was used to on a daily basis. I have held my adjustment well and have come back for routine check ups periodically and have received the same amazing results everytime. I sleep better, I can be more active and I feel better. Thanks Dr Maxwell. The 300 mile trip is worth every mile!


Dave Smith Waterloo, IA

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