Todd R. Bedell, D.C.

Dr. Bedell is a board certified chiropractic doctor. He has been in practice now for over 4 years and has treated over 12,000 patient visits with headaches, neck stiffness, back pain, hip pain, herniated discs, arm and leg pain.

Dr. Bedell specializes in spinal disorders and sports medicine. His sincere passion for his patients is evident in his positive supporting attitude. Dr. Bedell loves helping people find solutions for their problems. He always works with his patients and clearly explains all of the treatment options available, for any particular problem.

Every patient has the opportunity to learn all about their condition with Dr. Bedell. He will take the time to answer any questions and address any concerns. Fortunately Dr. Bedell has close relationships with a variety of medical and health care specialists to satisfy all of your health care needs.

Community service has also been a big part in the life of Dr. Bedell. Every week, for the past 3 years, he has been volunteering his free time, to serve the people at the Rotocare Free Clinic in Mountain View. There, he provides chiropractic and other physical medicine services for people who don't have medical coverage. Also, for the past few years, Dr. Bedell has been volunteering for some local high school football teams, as the team doctor during game times.

Dr. Bedell is also an expert in helping people who have suffered from a work injury or a car accident and spends any time necessary to help the person understand what is happening and what to do next. Dr. Bedell understands that most people are given too many passive therapies like medications and rest; which never seems to heal the problem completely. Dr. Bedell takes pride in his "active" approach with his patients and teaches them how to find solutions for their problems, not just quick fixes that never last.

Experience, passion and dedication are some of the driving factors behind Dr. Bedell. He cares a lot about helping people and serving the community to the best of his ability. Dr. Bedell is commited to helping people relieve their discomfort and discover a better quality of life through maximum function.

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