Welcome To Advanced Family Chiropractic Center

We believe that health is a force within the body and mind, and with the proper direction and support, good health can be established and maintained for a better longer life. We share our knowledge and years of education and clinical experience with all who seek to restore or maintain health and happiness and want to become an active part in their own future wellbeing.

Our center focuses on preventive care, evaluating conditions of a chronic and degenerative nature, acute post injury examination and personalizing a total treatment program designed to restore you to the most functional and stress free state as possible, without the use of drugs or surgery. Our treatment programs combine chiropractic adjusting, nutrition and diet, massage, exercise, and stress management.

Current research has found that most spinal problems are caused by muscle weakness. The muscles get weak from stress or strain. The most obvious source of stress would be an injury. Some typical chronic sources of stress are poor posture, work stress, and emotional stress.

When the muscles around the spine are weak this creates various degrees of instability, pain, and dysfunction. The extent of the weakness will result in different severities of pain, disability and loss of function.

Clinic experience and numerous studies have found those "active" therapies which focus on restoring motion, strengthening and conditioning, helps the patient feel better faster and more effectively, then just taking medications alone.

Advanced Family Chiropractic Center

offers therapies to help reduce or eliminate pain. We focus on working with the muscles and the joints together, to help restore normal pain-free function as soon as possible. We will also work closely with your family physician so that all of your health care needs are addressed.

Welcome to our clinic.

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