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Spine Disorders


Most back problems are classified as a type of musculoskeletal disorder. Experts estimate that approximately 80% of Americans will experience a back problem during the course of their life serious enough to result in missed work. The direct and indirect costs associated with back pain cost about 50 billion dollars annually.


As many as 50 percent of all working Americans have back symptoms each year and as many as one third of adults sought professional care for a back problem during the last five years.


Thank you for choosing us to address your spine care needs. We have set high standards for your care. We want your visits with us to be successful, convenient, and informative.


Please take time to review our website and use the contact information to speak directly to us.  We are dedicated to educating you about the spine and your condition. We have invested considerable time and resources developing unique and effective patient educational resources in a variety of formats.


Dr. Norton is committed to helping patients return to a healthy and active lifestyle at home and within their communities through a compassionate educational and therapeutic approach.


Public Awareness Initiative

Dr. Norton is also committed to partnering with the American Academy of Spine Physicians in a Public Awareness Initiative with a mission to inform patients about the spine, spinal disorders, therapeutic options and methods to help prevent the development of spinal disorders. I encourage my patients and the public to forward our website to others using the refer a patient feature.


Dr. Norton uses his website as well as various publications to help distribute reliable information about the spine and spine care. Much of the information is derived from respected professional organizations such as the International Spine Association (ISA) and the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP).

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