Welcome To Schwab Chiropractic Clinic.

Schwab Chiropractic Clinic is proud to offer a unique and self rewarding approach to your health care. 


 Our health care is focused on spinal and postural rehabilitation through the utilization of scientifically tested procedures.  Treatment plans are focused on long term correction of common diseases that commonly result from bad posture and poor spinal health. 


After a complete evaluation at our clinic we will be able to inform you with virtual certainty if our treatment is right for you.  If we determine our treatment is right for you we will provide you with an appropriate time frame of care.  If not, we will immediately refer you to the most appropriate health care professional.


Proven research has shown us that your posture may be directly related to mood, blood pressure, breathing capacity, headaches, digestion, and chronic spinal pain.  If you or a loved one are needlessly suffering from any of these problems schedule a posture and spinal evaluation at our clinic today.  We can help.