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30 Reasons to Join

1. Interact with Leaders in Spinecare

  • Help shape the future of spinecare
  • Expand your professional network

Interact with experts and leaders in the field of spinecare. By being a member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) you have an opportunity to help shape the future of spinecare and your practice. The AASP is an international organization comprised of neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians dedicated to improving the quality of spinecare through conservative and cooperative efforts. The AASP membership includes some of the most nationally and internationally respected neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians.

The AASP Academy Council is comprised of preeminent neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians in the United States. These spinecare experts and leaders provide valuable direction to the Academy and help set it apart from other organizations. The respected visibility of the Academy Council and the collaboration between Academy Council members and AASP committees strengthens the role and influence of the AASP and helps to promote the development and implementation of member services.

2. Participate in the AASP National Spinecare Awareness Initiative

  • Educate your patients with Initiative resources
  • Stimulate referrals by educating your patients
  • Grow your practice by providing a public service

The mission of the AASP National Initiative is to focus the attention of physicians, patients and the public on the spine, spine health, spine disorders and the physicians who have the expertise to care for the spine. The Initiative consists of the National Physician Awareness Program .

The Initiative is provided by the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), representing chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons committed to conservative and cooperative spinecare, and by the International Spine Association (ISA), representing spine organizations on six continents. Members of the AASP receive numerous free educational and practice building resources. Some of the resources explain the role of the spine physician and the service they are able to offer to the public as well as other healthcare professionals.

3.Achieve Online Credentialing as a Spine Physician (Diplomate of the American Academy of Spine Physicians and Fellow of the American College of Spine Physicians)
  • Enhance your Recognition as a Credentialed Spine Physician
  • Obtain Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (DAASP)
  • Obtain Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (FACSP)

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) offers advanced credentialing for members who achieve various levels of academic achievement through the Academy. A Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (D.A.A.S.P) is granted to those members of the AASP who achieve a total of 300 continuing education (CE) credits through the AASP. Members who achieve an additional 200 continuing education (CE) credits through the AASP are eligible for Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (F.A.C.S.P.).

Credentialing with the AASP demonstrates the member's commitment to excellence in spinecare and enhances their professional stature with patients, the public and other medical professionals. The continuing education programs provide an opportunity for participating AASP members to improve the quality of spinecare provided to their patients.


  • Increase practice visibility
  • Make yourself available for referrals
  • Distinguish yourself as a specialist online

Members of the American Academy of Spine Physicians are listed in the highly visible online National Directory of Spine Physicians. The National Directory of Spine Physicians has four levels with the fourth level representing a unique patient/public informational resource available to the member at a considerable cost savings. The National Directory of Spine Physicians is posted on the World Wide Web and is listed with major search engines to increase Directory and AASP member visibility. The National Directory of Spine Physicians provides a search function so that consumers, patients and professionals can search for spine physicians by geographic location which will lead to the member's website (Level three)

The AASP member is provided with level I and level II listing in the Directory at no additional charge as part of their membership. If the member has an existing website it can be linked to the second level of the directory at no additional charge. If a member does not have a personalized website for the third level of the Directory, a customized practice website can be provided through the AASP at a significant cost savings. AASP members are profiled with priority in the National Directory of Spine Physicians. AASP members are listed alphabetically and by geographic location. Click here to visit the National Directory of Spine Physicians


Directory Levels

Level I -The first level of the directory is the general registry which includes the members name and basic contact information for the member's practice. Non-members and members are posted here.

Level II - The second level of the Directory is a full-page profile of the member that is linked to first level of the National Directory of Spine Physicians. Level II provides additional contact and background information about the AASP member, including the Diplomate/Fellow status held (if any) with the AASP/American College of Spine Physicians.

Level III - The third level of the Directory is comprised of the physician's practice website which can be linked to the profile page (Level II of the Directory).

Level IV - The fourth level of the Directory represents an online patient/public information area referred to as the AASP Public Information Center (PIC). The PIC is available to AASP members at a considerable cost savings and will provide invaluable educational resources on their personal website. The PIC can be embedded into an existing website or can be placed into a custom website developed for the AASP member. (please go to # 5: Patient Information Center for Your Office and Your Website)

5. Personalized Interactive AASP Website for Your Use

  • Introduce yourself and your practice online
  • Link your website to online directory listings
  • Educate your patients online 24/7 

As part of the National Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative, the AASP is offering a customized interactive website to its members. There is no charge for the development, setup and deployment of the website. The AASP website will convey to the public, patients and other physicians the unique background and training of the member. The professionalism and effectiveness of the customized AASP site is unsurpassed by others in the industry.

The AASP website offered to each member is linked to the large informational database of the American Academy of Spine Physicians. This seamless pass through (link) provides each AASP member with a continually updated body of need-to-know information for their patients as well as an expanding library of resources. The website also contains the unique resources of the AASP National Spinecare Awareness Initiative resources including personalized brochures and press releases.

The AASP Website for each member comes with a variety of ready to go functions including the Public Information Center (PIC) which includes need-to-know information about the spine, spine disorders, diagnostic tests, spinecare and spine physicians: Additional Features of the Customized website include:

1) Refer a Patient Function
2) Online Practice Newsletter Builder
3) Online Article Builder
4) AASP Member Certificate
5) Chiropractic Services Summaries
6) About the AASP
7) Member Press Release
8) Directions to your practice
9) Our Team Page
10) Our Services Page
11) The Doctor(s) Page
12) The Academy Page
13) Informative Links
14) Academy News
15) And much more

6. Use the PUBLIC INFORMATION CENTER (PIC) in your Office and on your Website

  • Add the equivalent of a full time medical writer to your staff
  • Present state-of-the art medical graphics
  • Make the report of findings process more efficient

The AASP offers its members one of the most unique educational tools available: the Public Information Center (PIC). The PIC utilizes unique technology developed by the AASP, which displays a user-friendly interface for accessing educational modules referred to as plug-ins.

The PIC is designed to be embedded into an existing website. The PIC database is accessed online through the Internet (World Wide Web). The PIC displays educational information in an unprecedented multimedia format including text, video clips, line drawings and graphic animations. The PIC also contains downloadable patient educational resources such as fact sheets and brochures.

The PIC can be accessed in the member's office as part of a patient educational station or center. Individuals can also be directed to access the PIC though the members website or via the AASP website. Patients can be motivated to refer friends, family and other contacts to the PIC for concise and peer-reviewed information about the spine, spine disorders and spinecare. The PIC can be displayed on a standard computer monitor, flat plasma screen, or HDTV monitor in the member's office to educate the patient about their condition.

7. Display a Personalized Certificate of Membership

  • Display your commitment to cooperative spinecare
  • Acknowledge your dedication to conservative spinecare
  • Distinguish yourself as a leader in spinecare

AASP members receive a prestigious personalized membership certificate suitable for framing and placing in their office. This eye-catching certificate acknowledges their commitment to conservative and cooperative spinecare. The certificate of membership is a distinctive and effective communication tool. Special certificates are also provided for members who have achieved Diplomate status with the AASP and Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (ACSP). Custom framing for the personalized certificates of membership and academic achievement is available for AASP members.

8. Achieve Diplomate Status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (D.A.A.S.P.)

  • Gain the respect of your medical colleagues
  • Obtain interdisciplinary training
  • Enhance your recognition as a spine physician


The American Academy of Spine Physicians is committed to recognizing academic achievement and continuing education by awarding Diplomate status to those chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons who meet the academic criteria through the AASP. The AASP is committed to acknowledging the Diplomate status in the AASP Member Directory and in the National Directory of Spine Physicians emphasizing those members who are committed to continuing education and who are steadfast in their approach to improving the quality of spinecare. Personalized AASP resources will also reflect the member's status as a Diplomate.


  • Obtain the highest level of academic achievement in the field of cooperative spinecare
  • Show your commitment to continuing education by obtaining Fellow status

The AASP is the only organization of its kind to offer interdisciplinary post-doctoral credentialing to its members who meet the continuing education criteria. The highest level of academic distinction offered to AASP members is Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (FACSP). The neurosurgeon or chiropractic physician who achieves this level of academic achievement will be designated as Fellow of the American College of Spine Physicians and will be listed as such in the AASP Member Directory and the National Directory of Spine Physicians. Personalized AASP resources will also reflect the member's status as a Fellow.

10. Receive the ACADEMY NEWS

  • Display current breakthroughs in spinecare in your waiting room
  • Develop press releases with the Academy News
  • Keep your referring physicians informed with Academy News

The AASP is committed to keeping members informed about trends in spinecare, member contributions to the field of spinecare and the activities of the Academy. (Click here to go to AASP Newsletter Archive) Members, who provide the AASP with their email address, will receive regular email delivery of the Academy Newsletter at no charge as part of their membership benefits. This unique method of delivery allows for efficient communication of new membership services and strategic links to additional information. Newsletter topics are archived and indexed allowing for efficient search and review.

11. Enhance Community Recognition with the Member Public Relations Kit

  • Personalized press release acknowledging acceptance as an AASP member
  • Participate in the online build a press release program
  • Enhance public awareness of your practice

A personalized public relations kit is provided to members. The kit includes a personalized press release acknowledging the spine specialists acceptance as an active member of the AASP and there chosen designation as a spine physician. The Press release kit also provides pertinent information about the Academy. The Public Relations Kit provides an effective method acknowledging the professional advancement of the member to their community.

The AASP member has access to an online pressroom that provides access to a growing list of available press releases developed by the AASP staff. The online pressroom also contains a library of archived articles, which have been published about the AASP, all of which can be downloaded and forwarded to local media. Disseminating time sensitive news can be one of the most effective and efficient methods of education and marketing. Archived press releases can be downloaded and submitted to local media promoting the mission of the AASP and increasing member visibility.

12. Save Money through AASP Buying Advantages

  • Discount on promotional and practice building resources
  • Purchase practice building resources at a considerable savings
  • Buy Equiptment and Supplies for your practice at a considerable price savings.

Many companies offer members of the AASP a preferred discount on equipment, educational resources, promotional items, practice supplies and products. AASP member have preferred access to these discounted prices on the International Directory of Backcare Products and Services. Many products in the AASP online store are also offered at a discount to members.

The AASP store contains items such clothing, web resources, AASP branded educational items, and fine art for the clinical setting. Many of the items in the AASP store display the AASP logo such as shirts, caps, etc. Customized AASP promotional products are available to physicians to help them inform the public of their commitment to conservative and cooperative spinecare.

13. Preferred Access to the International Directory of Backcare Products and Services

  • Obtain significant discounts on backcare products and services
  • Efficient search for new products

The AASP has developed cooperative relationships with various businesses and service providers who have committed to providing discounts to members of the AASP. This is made available through the online AASP Buying Advantage Program a service provided exclusively for members. The AASP exposes its membership to discounted leading-edge products and resources. The potential cost savings is significant. This interactive addition to the AASP website allows vendors to access the website and post discounts in designated categories. The format provides vendors an opportunity to compete for the best price categories and expose their products and resources to AASP membership. This unique program gives AASP members an opportunity to price compare in an extremely efficient manner. (

14. Use the INFORM A COLLEAGUE Service

  • Build your spinecare referral network
  • Forward information to colleagues quickly

Expand and educate your spinecare network through the online AASP Inform a Colleague Email resource. This high-tech resource represents an extraordinary method the AASP member can use to inform their colleagues about the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), the American College of Spine Physicians (ACSP) and spinecare. The online link library offers a variety of unique educational tools and documents which can simply be attached to an email message. The Inform a Colleague Service resource provides an invaluable time saving service for expanding your spinecare network and for inviting colleagues to join the AASP.

15. Obtain Affordable and Convenient ON-LINE CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS for Licensure Renewal

  • Obtain cost efficient continuing education
  • Choose the educational subjects of your choice
  • Continuing Education with Flexibility

The AASP provides one of the most flexible and unique educational opportunities available to physicians. The AASP home study and online continuing education programs are designed to be affordable and practical. The continuing education credits achieved through the AASP may be used to meet mandatory state continuing education requirements and also can also be applied toward obtaining Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians up to Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians. Click here for states that accept C.E. credits online

16. Reach your Community with AASP Slide Programs

  • Ready to use presentations for patients and the public
  • Slide programs which can posted on your website

AASP members have the opportunity to access a library of educational slide sets at no cost which can be downloaded from the AASP website to the member's personal computer. Some of the slides can be personalized for member presentations. The educational slide programs provide effective visual resources to inform patients, the public and physicians about the benefits of conservative and cooperative spinecare, the member's specialized approach and the member's practice. Slides are provided which can be used to present the member's credentialed status with the AASP and the American College of Spine Physicians (ACSP).

17. Display Helpful Website Links

  • Invaluable resource for the public and patients
  • One stop location for research

The AASP offers members quick online access to informative websites on the worldwide web. The website links provide members and their patient's with invaluable educational resources. It can take many hours or days of online research to find the variety of credible links that the AASP has to offer. The savings in online research time is immeasurable.

18. Refer Patients to the AASP Spine Disorders Database

  • Direct your patients to accurate information on the spine
  • Extend your report of findings with the AASP spine disorders database
  • Provide your patients with resources they can access after the office visit

The AASP is committed to growing it s existing online database of information about the spine, spine disorders and spinecare. The database can be accessed by members, patients and the public. This resource provides spine physicians with a reliable location to direct patients for peer reviewed need-to-know information. This resource will help the AASP member offer an expanded educating opportunity for their patient and will also help them save time that can be spent caring for other patients.

19. Provide Downloadable Publications to your Patients

  • Save money on custom printing and ordering of pre-printed materials
  • Empower your patients with information to stimulate referrals
  • Expand your practice with downloadable online resources which are continuously updated

The AASP publishes numerous clinical and educational resources, which help members promote their role in spinecare. AASP publications help members inform their patients about diagnostic procedures, spinal conditions and available therapeutic options. For example, the Why COOPERATIVE SPINE CARE? brochure is an excellent tool, which can simplify the interdisciplinary referral process.


  • Become part of an International Educational Initiative
  • Help increase International respect for spine specialists


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has a strategic alliance with the International Spine Association (ISA) to develop information about the spine and spinecare for the public. The ISA is an international organization comprised of numerous divisions (spine societies) representing many countries.

This significant alliance will result in the development of many educational categories, which will include the ongoing development of a large educational database on basic spinal anatomy, information about spinal disorders, available therapeutic options, information about spinal diagnostic procedures and advances in technology.

This unique international alliance will increase public exposure to AASP members through the AASP Member Directory and the National Spine Physicians Directory. The AASP member will also have direct and timely access to educational materials developed by the AASP and ISA.

21. Grow with Leadership Direction

  • Take the lead in your practice and community
  • Stay at the leading edge of spinecare

The online leadership articles are designed to assist members in personal and professional development. The AASP recognizes that spine physicians require leadership skills to excel in their field and their practice. The acquisition of leadership skills also contributes to improved patient care.

22. Candidate Membership

  • Build relationships with practicing physicians before graduation
  • Refine your skills as a spine specialist
  • Develop a practice building plan

Neurosurgical residents and chiropractic students are eligible to apply for candidate membership in the AASP. Members of the AASP (neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians) are offered the opportunity to participate in programs to help candidate members, as they will be our spinecare colleagues of tomorrow.

23. Increase Patient Referrals through the Spine Physician Referral Network

  • Expand your interdisciplinary relationships
  • Build the Ultimate Spinecare Network

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has implemented online technology that can be used to help members develop spinecare referral networks within their geographic locations. Member chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons have an opportunity to develop a working relationship with the other by using AASP search functions as well as AASP introductory and educational resources. The AASP provides an interdisciplinary "matchmaking" service FREE to its members.

24. Access the Online Build a Press Release Program

  • Educate the public
  • Grow your practice with news

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is dedicated to providing its members with time and cost efficient methods of educating their patients and informing the public about trends and developments in spinecare.

The AASP offers its members a public relations program which includes the opportunity to build a press release online from the extensive archive of news published in the online ACADEMY NEWS. This unique opportunity provides the AASP member with the occasion to disseminate up-to-date information about the spine, spine disorders and trends in cooperative spinecare to the public with a minimum of effort.

25. Display Your Personalized Certificate of Participation in the National Spinecare Awareness Initiative

Members of the American Academy of Spine Physicians have an opportunity to participate in the AASP National Spinecare Awareness Initiative. The member can download one or more personalized certificates of participation which can be framed and placed in a highly visible area such a wall in the waiting room.Certificates of participation can also be placed in examination or treatment rooms.

The professionally designed certificate is a valuable resource which will serve to inform patients that their physician (AASP member) is committed to education and public health. It will also serve to stimulate requests for Initiative educational resources resulting in increased patient satisfaction, increased patient referrals and practice growth.

26. Stay at the Leading Edge of Technology and Product Development

Each AASP member will receive a Spinecare Product e-catalog one time per month. The service is made available through the contributions of AASP corporate and educational sponsors.

The e-catalog incorporates state of the art internet and database programming technology to help the AASP bring timely information to its membership.

The catalog will feature advances in technology, new products and leading-edge services available to spine physicians. The catalog also features search function to help a member locate a company, locate a product, identify products or services endorsed by the Academy and to obtain special pricing. Members will also receive information about leading edge technology in spinecare thorugh the monthly Academy News.  

27. Patient Newsletter Program (New Benefit)

Each member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has an opportunity to grow their practice by educating their patients and members of the community with a monthly eNewsletter. The AASP eNewsletter program was designed to help members inform their patients and the public about the spine and spinecare. The AASP currently provides a eNewsletter to its members each month which can in turn be forwarded to their patients. The AASP eNewsletter program will help AASP members enhance recognition in their community through a consistent and professional educational commitment.

The eNewsletters are easily obtained by members on the AASP website or on their personalized AASP member website. The member's websites are programmed with an online patient signup option. The newsletters can be forwarded to patients: 1) by email directly from the members website or 2) they can be printed and sent by direct mail. Each member website is designed with an automated eNewsletter program and a print function. After publication each eNewsletter is archived by date and topic. The content of the eNewsletter can not be altered, however each eNewsletter is automatically personalized with the member's information. The eNewsletters are automatically send to the members patients monthly via email. ( Read More...... )

  • 28. Access to Ongoing Technological and Resource Development (New Benefit)

Each member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) will benefit by ongoing developments throughout their membership year. The list of member benefits included in the annual membership fee keeps expanding. For example, new technology and interactive features will be added to the AASP website as well as to the personalized AASP member websites. The AASP will also continue to increase its multimedia database of information used for the online Patient/Public Information Center (PIC). The AASP will continue to enlarge the inventory of available practice building and patient educational resources throughout the membership year. The real benefit is that the AASP member essentially buys into a dynamic process of resource design and development for their practice.

29. Access to Free Online Continuing Education Credits (CE)
(New Benefit)

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to providing affordable and flexible continuing educational opportunities to its members. The AASP currently provides online continuing education programs thorugh a variety of multimedia formats including Textbook Review Courses, Journal Review Courses and Case Study Review Courses. Tests are taken on line and are auto graded. Physicians who join or renew membership with the AASP after December 15, 2004 are eligible to obtain 20 CE credits per membership year at no charge as part of a growing list of membership benefits.

In many states CE obtained through the AASP can be applied for license renewal requirements. The credits can also be applied toward obtaining Diplomate Status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (DAASP) and Fellow Status with the American College of Spine Physicians (FACSP). News.  

30. Obtain an Officer Manager's Guide to Implementing AASP Practice Development Resources (New Benefit)

Each AASP member can obtain an office managers guide to implementing practice development resources. The implementation guide provides simple step by step methods which the office manager can use to facilitate use of the unique member benefits. The guide can be retrieved on the part of the AASP website that is available to members and the guide can be printed at any time. The AASP will continue to develop the implementation guide throughout the membership year. New and improved practice development resources will continue to be added for use by the AASP members.