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Article Title: Online Newsletter Program

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is dedicated to providing opportunities for members to inform their patients and the public about spinal disorders, spinal diagnostic testing and spinecare. The AASP offers a unique and economical program, which members can use to inform their patients about trends in conservative spinecare. This program is referred to as the online newsletter program (ONP). Informative newsletters are archived by their date of publication and by primary topic covered. This form of archiving allows the member to choose relevant topics for his or her practice. 

Active members of the AASP have access to view available newsletters and can download the online newsletter to their own printer. The AASP grants permission for active members to disseminate printed copies of the newsletter in its original format. A designated region is provided for the member to personalize the newsletter with their name, facility designation, and contact information.  This program should serve as an invaluable method for informing the public and their patients about select spinal conditions and trends in conservative and rehabilitative spinecare.