1. Interact with Experts and Leaders in the Field of Spinecare
Connect with experts and leaders in the field of spinecare. By being a member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) you have an opportunity to help shape the future of spinecare. The AASP is an international organization comprised of neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians dedicated to improving the quality of spinecare through conservative and cooperative efforts. The AASP membership includes some of the most nationally and internationally respected neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians.

2. Credentialing as a Spine Physician
The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) offers advanced credentialing for members who achieve various levels of academic achievement through the Academy. A Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (D.A.A.S.P) is granted to those members of the AASP who achieve a total of 300 continuing education credits through the AASP. Members who achieve an additional 200 continuing education credits through the AASP are eligible for Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (F.A.C.S.P.).

Credentialing with the AASP demonstrates the memberís commitment to excellence in spinecare and enhances their professional stature with their patients, the public and other medical professionals. The continuing education programs provide additional knowledge that will help members improve the delivery of spinecare to their patients. 


Members of the American Academy of Spine Physicians will be listed in an online National Directory of Spine Physicians. The National Directory of Spine Physicians has four levels with the fourth level representing a unique patient informational resource available to the member at considerable cost savings.

The AASP member will be listed at two levels of the directory at no additional charge as part of their membership.   If the member has an existing website it can be linked to the second level of the directory at no additional charge. If a member does not have a personalized website for the third level of the Directory, this can be provided through the AASP at a significant cost savings. 

Level I -The First Level of the directory is the general registry where basic contact information about spine physicians within a geographic location is posted along with a listing of their membership status with the AASP.

Level II - The Second Level of the Directory is a full-page profile of the member that is linked to first level of the National Directory of Spine Physicians. This level provides additional contact and background information about the AASP member, including the Diplomate/Fellow status held (if any) with the AASP/American College of Spine Physicians.

Level III - The Third Level of the Directory is the physicianís website which can be linked to the profile page (Level two of the Directory). The National Directory of Spine Physicians will be posted on the World Wide Web and will be listed with the major search engines to increase Directory and AASP member visibility. The National Directory of Spine Physicians provides a search function so that consumers, patients and professionals can search for spine physicians by geographic location which will lead to the members website (Level three)

Level IV - The Fourth Level of the Directory represents an online patient and public information area referred to as the AASP Patient Information Center (PIC). The PIC is available to AASP members at a considerable cost savings and will provide invaluable educational resources on their personal website.  The PIC can be embedded into an existing website or can be placed into a custom website developed for the AASP member.

4. Personalized Interactive Website 

The AASP has invested a great deal of research and development in order to offer  AASP members a custom interactive website emphasizing the memberís professional qualifications and the healthcare services offered by the member or by the memberís facility. The internet continues to evolve as a widely used research tool for patients and the public; therefore, a professional and  interactive website is a must for the spine physician who wants be on the leading-edge of patient service or education. Through the AASP the member can obtain an interactive educational website at a considerable cost savings. The educational services can be enhanced with the addition of the AASPís PIC also available to AASP members at a considerable cost savings. The following list represents  a few of the features  of our interactive websites.

Custom Interactive Website Features Include

Practice News
Map to the Office
eNewsletter Signups
Office Calendar/Schedule
Ability to Send eNewsletters
Site contains 15 Pages
Informative Articles
Refer A Patient Feature
Ability to link to the AASP Patient Information Center (PIC)
The AASP has gone to great lengths to keep the costs minimal.

5. PATIENT INFORMATION CENTER (PIC) for your Office and your Website 
The AASP offers its members one of the most unique educational tools availabl: the Patient Information Center (PIC). The PIC is a software program developed by the AASP, which displays a user-friendly interface for accessing multimedia educational modules referred to as plug-ins. The PIC is designed to be placed into a website and accessed through the Internet (World Wide Web). The PIC can house numerous educational plug-ins, which incorporate text, video clips, line drawings and graphic animations. The PIC also contains downloadable features  providing the user with printed materials and brochures; the brochures are excellent for patient information. 

The PIC can be used in the memberís office as an educational station or center. The PIC can also by a patient or the public by accessing the website from their home. Patients can be motivated to refer friends, family and other contacts to the PIC for concise and peer-reviewed information about the spine, spine disorders and spinecare. The PIC can be  displayed on a standard computer monitor, flat plasma screen, or HDTV monitor which can be used in the office to educate the patient about their condition.  







6. Personalized Wall Certificate with Special Framing Available

AASP members receive a prestigious personalized membership certificate suitable for framing and placing in their office. This eye-catching certificate acknowledges their commitment to conservative and cooperative spine care. This is a distinctive and effective communication tool. Special certificates are also provided for those who have achieved Diplomate status with the AASP and Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (ACSP). Custom framing for the personalized certificates of membership and academic achievement is available for AASP members.




7. DIPLOMATE PROGRAM: Become a Diplomate of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (D.A.A.S.P.)
The American Academy of Spine Physicians is committed to recognizing academic achievement and continuing education by awarding Diplomate status to those chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons who meet the academic criteria through the AASP.  The AASP is committed to acknowledging the Diplomate status in the AASP Member Directory and in the National Directory of Spine Physicians emphasizing those members who are committed to continuing education and who are steadfast in their approach to improving the quality of spinecare.




8. FELLOW STATUS: Opportunity to Qualify for the Elite AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPINE PHYSICIANS (F.A.C.S.P.)
The AASP is one of the only organizations of its kind to offer interdisciplinary post-doctoral designations of educational achievement to its members who meet the continuing educational criteria. The highest level of educational distinction offered is to qualify for Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians. The neurosurgeon or chiropractic physician who achieves this level of academic achievement may be designated as Fellow of the American College of Spine Physicians and will be listed as such in the AASP Member Directory and the National Directory of Spine Physicians.


9. Networking: The AASP Membership Directory
Membership with the AASP makes you part one of the most prestigious and unique professional organizations of spinecare professionals in the world. The AASP provides members with invaluable resources they can use to network with the public, with other physicians and the media. The online AASP member directory is a valuable resource for the public to access spine physicians. It also provides members with the option to network with other healthcare professionals. AASP members are listed alphabetically and by geographic location. AASP members will also be profiled with priority in the National Directory of Spine Physicians. The AASP Membership Directory provides contact information, denotes the level of academic achievement the member has obtained through the AASP and provides a direct link to the memberís website if available.

10. Special Options through the Patient Information Center (PIC) for Customized Website
The AASP provides members the option to obtain a customized and personalized professional website at a considerable savings.  Members can have a seamless internet extension into the AASP spine disorders data base and other informative areas directly from their website. Members of the AASP can purchase this sophisticated interactive website which is easily personalized. Special Plug-ins are available to provide spine-related educational resources.   State of the art interactive features are made available to AASP through this opportunity. This invaluable educational website can be linked to level two of the AASP Membership Directory and to level two of the National Directory of Spine Physicians both which will increase member exposure to patients, the public, and healthcare professionals. (Go to #5: Patient Information Center for your Office and Your Website)

11. Newsletter: ACADEMY NEWS is Available to all Members via Email
The AASP is committed to keeping members informed about trends in spinecare, member contributions to the field of spinecare and activities of the Academy.  Members, who provide the AASP with their email address, will receive regular email delivery of the Academy Newsletter at no charge as part of their membership benefits. This unique method of delivery allows for efficient communication of new membership services and strategic links to additional information. Newsletter topics are indexed for easy search and find functions.  

12. Member Public Relations Kit
A personalized public relations kit is provided to members. The kit includes a personalized press release acknowledging the spine physicianís acceptance as an active member of the AASP and pertinent information about the organization. The Public Relations Kit provides an effective method of acknowledging professional advancement to members of the community. The AASP member has access to an online pressroom that offers the ongoing posting of a broad category of press releases developed by the AASP staff. The online pressroom also contains a library of archived articles, which have been published about the AASP, all of which can be downloaded and forwarded to local media. Disseminating time sensitive news can be one of the most effective and efficient methods of education and marketing. Archived press releases can be downloaded and submitted to local media promoting the mission of the AASP and increasing member visibility.

13. Academy Council
The AASP Academy Council is comprised of preeminent neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians in the United States. These spinecare experts and leaders provide valuable direction to the Academy and help set it apart from other organizations.  The respected visibility of the Academy Council and the collaboration between Academy Council members and AASP committees strengthens the role and influence of the AASP and helps to promote the development and implementation of member services.   

14. Online Store
The AASP online store features promotional products, AASP clothing, web resources, educational items, and fine art for the clinical setting.  Some of the items in the AASP store have the AASP logo such as shirts, caps, etc. Customized AASP promotional products are available to physicians to help them inform the public of their commitment to conservative and cooperative spinecare. Made to order displays for AASP membership certificates as well as Diplomate and Fellow certificates are also available.

15. AASP Buying Advantage Program
The AASP has developed cooperative relationships with various businesses and service providers who have committed to providing discounts to members of the AASP. This is made available through the online AASP Buying Advantage Program a service provided exclusively for members.  The AASP exposes its membership to discounted leading-edge products and resources. The potential cost savings is significant. This interactive addition to the AASP website allows vendors to access the website and post discounts in designated categories. The format provides vendors an opportunity to compete for the best price categories and expose their products and resources to AASP membership. This unique program gives AASP members an opportunity to price compare in an extremely efficient manner.

Expand and educate your spinecare network through the AASP Inform a Colleague Email Service. This represents an extraordinary online web resource, which the physician can use to inform their colleagues about the AASP, the American College of Spine Physicians (ACSP) and spinecare. An online library of unique informational links is provided and this can be attached to email messages. This Inform a Colleague Service resource provides an invaluable time saving service for expanding your spinecare network and for inviting colleagues to join the AASP.

The AASP provides one of the most flexible and unique educational opportunities available to physicians. The AASP home study and online continuing education programs are designed to be affordable and practical. The continuing education credits achieved through the AASP may be used to meet mandatory state continuing education requirements and also can also be applied toward obtaining Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians up to Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians. 

18. Slide Programs
AASP members have the opportunity to access a library of educational slide sets at no cost which can be downloaded from the AASP website to the members computer. Some of the slides can be personalized offline for member presentations. The educational slide programs provide effective visual resources to inform individuals about the memberís role with the AASP, the memberís credentialed status with the AASP and the American College of Spine Physicians (ACSP) as well as the benefits of conservative and cooperative spinecare.

19. Helpful Website Links
The AASP offers members quick online access to informative websites on the worldwide web. The website links provide members with invaluable networking and academic resources. It can take many hours or days of online research to find the variety of relevant links that the AASP has to offer. The savings in online research time is immeasurable.

20. Spine Disorders Database
The AASP is committed to building an online database, which can be used to search for relevant descriptions and overviews of spinal disorders for the public and for patients. This resource provides spine physicians with a reliable location to direct patients for peer reviewed need-to-know information, which can help members save time that can be spent caring for other patients.

21. Publications and Information for your Patients
The AASP publishes numerous clinical and educational resources, which help members promote their role in spinecare.  AASP will help them inform their patients about diagnostic procedures and spinal conditions. For example, the Why COOPERATIVE SPINE CARE? brochure is an excellent tool, which can simplify the interdisciplinary referral process.

22. Affiliation with the INTERNATIONAL SPINE ASSOCIATION (ISA) with Divisions Representing most Countries Around the World

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has a strategic alliance with the International Spine Association (ISA) to develop information about the spine and spinecare for the general public. The ISA is an international organization comprised of numerous divisions (spine societies) representing many countries.  This significant alliance will result in the development of many educational categories, which will include the ongoing development of a large educational database on basic spinal anatomy, information about spinal disorders, available therapeutic options, information about spinal diagnostic procedures and advances in technology. This unique international alliance will increase public exposure to AASP members through the AASP Member Directory and the National Spine Physicians Directory. The AASP member will also have direct and timely access to educational materials developed by the AASP and ISA. 

23. Practice Marketing 
AASP member information will be added to the AASP database and this is used to build the online member directory. The AASP directory will list member contact information which includes a direct link from the AASP website to the members personal or practice website. We are committed to informing the public about AASP memberís roles in spinecare. Consistent public relations efforts will be deployed to direct patients and the public to the AASP website.

24. Leadership Programs
The online leadership programs are designed to assist members in personal and professional development. The AASP recognizes that spine physicians require leadership skills to excel in their field and their practice. The continuing education and the leadership skills both contribute to improved patient care.

25. Candidate Membership
Neurosurgical residents and chiropractic students are eligible to apply for candidate membership in the AASP. Members of the AASP (neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians) are offered the opportunity to participate in programs to serve these candidate members, as they will be our spinecare colleagues of tomorrow.