May 9, 2006


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James Rogers

I am 67 years old. Last November my back went out. After treatment with pain relief meds and mild excercise I was referred to Genesys Spine Care Center at the beginning of this year for rehab of my back for a course of 6 wks. No relief was found. An MRI was positive for two herniated discs in I was referred to Dr. Jackson, a Neuro-Surgeon at Geneys Health Park. After evalyation by Dr. Jackson I received 2 injections, they did not hel and I underwent an epidural injection treatment at the hospital. No relief either. At a follow-up visit Dr. Jackson's Physician's Asst gave me some information about Dr. Morningstar's clinic in Grand Blanc. I started treatment with Dr. Morningstar twice a week on May 13th of this year. In July, Dr. Morningstar decided that treatment was only needed once a week. Relief from pain was almost immediately and I now have only minimal pain. Whereas I was almost totally incapable of doing anything physical, I can now move much more freely and with a minimal amount of discomfort. Dr. Jackson decided at a follow-up visit that I should continue as I have in the past (I also go to cardiac rehab three times a week). I am to see Dr. Jackson in one year for another follow-up exam. Thank you Dr. Morningstar.

James L. Rogers

Mark Fisher

Dr. Mark Morningstar has improved the quality of my life. Nearly 15 years ago I injured my neck. I have been treated by medical doctors as well as by other chiropractors with marginal success (they could temporarily relieve some of the pain). After being treated by Dr. Morningstar for just a short time, my neck pain began to decrease to the point where I am today - pain free! Thank you, Dr. Morningstar!

Nicole DeMeulenaere

Dr. Morningstar has an excellent approach to spinal care and really made me feel comfortable with my own health care. He has a very personable office staff and numerous credentials. Thank you, Dr. Morningstar. You showed me that I COULD feel better. Most doctors said that I could only keep myself from getting WORSE.

Jennifer Bovenschen, Age 25

Dr. Morningstar really helped my headaches. Him showing me how to do exercises at home was very cool, because now that my spine is corrected, I can continue with these exercises, so I don't go back to they way I was before. Plus, I don't have to see him twice a week for the rest of my life...I was done in 6 months!! Thanks Dr. Morningstar.

Tess Vollmar

Dr. Morningstar is the coolest because he helps my back.

- Tess Vollmar, age 11

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