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Mark Morningstar
14-Mar-03 - 08-Apr-13
Mark Morningstar
14-Mar-03 - 08-Apr-13
Mark Morningstar
14-Mar-03 - 08-Apr-13
Cooperative Spinecare: The Chiropractor/Neurosurgeon Advantage

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is an organization comprised of chiropractic physicians (chiropractor) and neurosurgeons dedicated to improving the quality of spinecare through cooperative and conservative efforts. Spine and spine-related disorders represent one of the most common problems encountered in healthcare.

Chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons both have extensive training in spinal anatomy, spinal biomechanics, diseases of the spine and neurology as it relates to the spine, thus the basis for cooperative care. Care for the full spectrum of spine disorders can be addressed through a cooperative approach between the chiropractic physican and the neurosurgeon.

Back pain consistently ranks as one of the top reasons for employee absenteeism and afflicts approximately eight of every ten Americans during their lifetime. The complexity and prevalence of spinal disorders and has led to a growing demand for interdisciplinary conservative spinecare.The AASP is preparing its members to meet these growing demands at all levels.

The AASP and its members are dedicated to promoting public awareness and expanding the realm of diagnostic and therapeutic options available to patients with spinal disorders.

The mission of the AASP is to facilitate a cooperative approach to spinecare, cultivate open dialogue and clinical interaction between members, promote continuing education for chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons and provide educational resources for physicians caring for patients with spinal disorders.

Chiropractic Physicians and Neurosurgeons have a growing appreciation for the complexity of the spine which encourages interdisciplinary efforts. Cooperative and conservative intervention improves the outcome of spine care. The American Academy of Spine Physicians will facilitate this alliance by incorporating advances in technology and communications to promote local interdisciplinary spine care networks and to educate physicians and the public. The AASP will encourage the development of members professionally and personally, generating leaders in the field of spine care.


Progress in technology, biotechnology and interventional procedures provide physicians with the opportunity to render an earlier and more accurate diagnosis. Scientific advancement also provides a greater understanding of tissue properties and more reliable measures of assessing tissue recovery and thus therapeutic outcomes. This insight facilitates physicians growing appreciation for the complexity of the spine and encourages interdisciplinary efforts.

The AASP will utilize the emerging body of scientific evidence to help empower leaders within the chiropractic and neurosurgical professions to join forces to improve the quality of spine care. The organization will apply the latest advances in technology and communications to promote educational strategies to prommote interdisciplinary spine care networks and educate the public.

The organization will provide leaders in the fields of chiropractic and neurosurgery with unique opportunities to educate each other, their patients and the public. Through these methods the AASP will specifically promote the benefits of addressing the full spectrum of spinal disorders through cooperative efforts.

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