January 6, 2004


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The National Directory of Spine Physicians offers members of the AASP the opportunity to have as many as four directory levels each linked with one another. Each consecutive level represents additional information about the member.  

Visit the National Directory of Spine Physicians at https://spinephysicians.org/ndsp.cfm


Level I of the directory is the general registry where basic contact information about spine physicians within a geographic location is posted along with a listing of their membership status with the AASP.

Level II of the Directory is a full-page profile of the member that is linked to first level of the National Directory of Spine Physicians. This level provides additional background information about the AASP member, including the Diplomate/Fellow status held (if any) with the AASP/American College of Spine Physicians. .



Level III of the Directory is the physician’s website which can be linked to the profile page (Level two of the Directory). The National Directory of Spine Physicians will be posted on the World Wide Web and will be listed with the major search engines to increase Directory and AASP member visibility. The National Directory of Spine Physicians will host a search function so that consumers, patients and professionals can search for spine physicians by geographic location which will lead to the members website (Level three)


Level IV of the Directory represents an online patient and public information area referred to as the AASP Patient Information Center (PIC). The PIC is available to AASP members at a considerable cost savings and will provide invaluable educational resources on their personal website.  The PIC can be embedded into an existing website or can be placed into a custom website developed for the AASP member.

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