January 6, 2004


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A Groundbreaking Partnership


Groundbreaking developmental efforts between the AASP and Logan College of continue to evolve. Logan has advanced its commitment to help facilitate the alliance of chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons in order to help improve the continuity and quality of spinecare by offering to co-sponsor AASP continuing educational programs.


Members of the AASP Education Committee and representatives of the Logan College Task Force of Cooperative Spine Care will be meeting soon to discuss the logistics of making application to the various state chiropractic and medical boards for continuing education approval for AASP programs.


The AASP plans to develop some pilot campus programs at Logan College during the upcoming trimester. Proposed programs include the development of an AASP learning resource center in the College Library and scheduling of regular on campus symposia to be taught by an interdisciplinary AASP staff.   This will provide a unique opportunity for students to be exposed to the team efforts of neurosurgeons and chiropractic physicians and it will offer them a motivating glimpse into the future of spinecare.


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