March 20, 2004


Payment Methods

The AASP has directed its website programmers to develop the logic and programming required to implement regular large scale online surveys to its membership and to non-members to help obtain creative direction for the organization.  The AASP is interested in obtaining feedback, general comments and developmental thoughts from its membership. This is sometimes referred to as the “bottom-up” approach to development. The AASP staff is capable of creating services and resources but would encourage direction from the membership to provide what is needed, not only what they believe is required.


We request that members complete the surveys when they are received and provide honest opinions, constructive criticism with potential solutions and creative ideas. We encourage AASP members to think out of the box and propose services and resources which will promote leading-edge practice growth as well as conservative and cooperative spinecare.  Members do not have to wait to receive a survey from the AASP to provide comments for they can always send comments via email to . 


Information obtained through surveys will be automatically placed into a large survey database allowing for efficient storage, retrieval and review. The AASP will periodically post online the results of the surveys in order to promote further idea generation and communication within membership. 


The AASP will continue to develop an overwhelming internet presence. As the Internet's influence grows, the survey-based feedback from the membership will influence spinecare and the public. The survey-driven interactive and integrated approach to resource development will benefit each member, help shape the future of spinecare and place each member in an advanced position. The survey approach provides each member with the opportunity to add value to AASP membership. The AASP is dedicated to transforming members from a passive into an active role with the organization thus ultimately improving the quality of spinecare and spine physicians. 

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