July 4, 2004


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The American Academy of Spine Physicians

The Educational Committee of the American Academy of Spine Physicians fully recognizes the importance of providing continuing education in clinically relevant topics. The AASP staff further believes that the best practice management tool we can offer as an organization is the provision of educational opportunities that promote timely, effective and cost efficient spinecare. Spine physicians often send their resumes or curricula vitae to primary care physicians and other physicians who do not specialized in spinecare. The physician’s resume may be the first contact with many physicians with the potential to refer, particularly in a new community or practice.


The AASP is committed to providing relevant continuing education topics that deserve to be placed onto a professional resume thus reflecting the physician’s commitment to unique experience and specialty training in the field of spinecare. The AASP has developed an online member profile with sophisticated functionality, which builds a personalized clinical resume, which automatically posts continuing education course titles and credits obtained through the AASP. The online resume listing can easily be transferred to the members printed resume.


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