July 3, 2004


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Free Resources for AASP Members - Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative

Mission of the Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative:

To increase public awareness about the spine, spine disorders and available spinecare
To faciliate primary care (medical) physician referral for expert spine care
To inform the public about available spine educational resources within their community
To promote conservative and cooperative spinecare
To inform the public about the role and alliance of chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons in spinecare
To promote the benefits of expert spinecare via spine physicians

Benefits of the Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative

Be the first in your community to receive referrals from the AASP Spinecare Awareness Initiative 

Improve patient follow up
Increase patient retention
Stimulate patient referrals
Keep your patients informed

Improve office efficiency


Estimated Value over $10,000

The following Initiative resources are offered at no cost to AASP members.

Press Release (long)
Press Release (short)
Brochure - The Spine Physician
Brochure - Practice Resources
Brochure - Why Cooperative Spinecare
Custom Interactive AASP Website
Business Card
Initiative Wall Poster (1)
Initiative Wall Poster (2)
Initiative Wall Poster (3)
Office Manager's Implementation Guide
Script Pad
Power Point Presentation
Introductory Letter To Neurosurgeon
Introductory Letter To Chiropractor
Upgraded Online Directory Listing

Members are encouraged to login with their userid and pin and start using the initiative resources to educate their patients, the public and healthcare professionals.

We have selected members that have used  the resources. They are enthusiastic, the process is simple and they have realized immediate benefits of using the initiative resources.

** All resources come in an electronic format

** AASP Initiative website comes with free setup and deployment (Monthly Hosting fee $24.99 a month)

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