June 9, 2012


Payment Methods

Your First Visit

Your first visit at one of our centers will focus on identifying the underlying cause or causes of your symptoms.

To appropriately identify these causes, several exams and tests may be performed, including:

- Computerized posture analysis

- Orthopedic tests

- Neurological examination

- Palpatory examination

- Radiographic evaluation

- Spinal biomechanical analysis

Following the conclusion of your first visit, your doctor will evaluate your test results to determine if your problem can be successfully treated in our center. If not, we will refer you to the most appropriate health care professional for your problem. If your doctor decides that you are a good candidate for our care, then you will be asked to participate in a ‘test-run” of our unique spinal corrective protocol, where the doctor can virtually guarantee if our treatment program can benefit you or not.

By conducting this “test-run”, we can determine:

1) Can we help you or not,

2) How long will it take, and

3) How much will it cost.

By taking each prospective patient through the “test-run”, we can take the guesswork out of how you will respond to our care.

As a rule, if you mention this website, you or a friend can get this entire evaluation for only $57.

This offer is valid for all patients paying at the time of service.

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