July 7, 2004


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Publications by Dr. Dohrmann

Dr. Dohrmann and Jonathon Rubin, MD, formerly of the University of Chicago Hospitals, founded the field of intraoperative imaging with real-time ultrasound. This allows surgeons to see inside the organ being operated on and to find the problem and/or guide instruments. It allows more precise approaches to neurosurgical problems. With intraoperative ultrasound, the brain or spinal cord is "explored" without opening it.

Dr. Dorhmann's research involves many areas of the neurosciences and includes research on brain tumors, imaging of the brain and spinal cord, spinal cord injury, and syringomyelia. He is on the editorial board of numerous journals, including Surgical Neurology (an international neurosurgical journal) and as an editor of Neurological Research (an international research journal).

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