June 9, 2012


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Welcome to The Spine Centers of Michigan

Our Spine Centers specialize in treating many common diseases that are directly related to poor spinal health and bad posture. We use advanced non-surgical procedures designed to achieve long-term correction of postural disorders, compared to temporary pain relief. Our centers conduct research on a regular basis, so your treatment may consist of procedures many other physicians have not yet seen.

With virtual certainty, once you have been thoroughly evaluated at on of our centers, we can tell you then whether or not our care is right for you. If it is, we will also give you an approximate time frame for completed correction and rehabilitation. If your problem can not be addressed at our center, you will be immediately referred to the most appropriate health care provider, as we have a vast network of traditional medical physicians and alternative health specialists in the South Genesee and Chesterfield/Anchor Bay areas.

It has been said that your posture is the window to your spine. If your posture is abnormal, then chances are your spine isn't normal either. It has been proven by research that posture may be directly related to mood, blood pressure, breathing capacity, headaches, digestion, and chronic spinal pain. So, if you or a loved one are needlessly suffering from any of these problems, schedule a posture and spine evaluation at one of our centers today. We can help.

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