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May 25, 2007


Payment Methods

Debra H

You guys are awesome! Joel and I thank you for helping me with my back problem. Today was my first day back at work and I was fine, what a relief..


I have had several problems with my back over the years, but this last time nearly kept me from returning to work. I am too busy at 50, and I have too much to do to be disabled. I am impressed that you took the time to find my problem right away, and that you got me a consultation with a spine surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic. We all agreed that surgery would be my last resort and I am happy to say I am better now. I have learned my limits, I am practicing better body mechanics and I don’t ever want to go through a back problem like that again. This time you made a believer out of me, I took my back and my health for granted, I won’t do that again. Thanks.

Amanda E.

Dr. Radford, your treatments helped me after my car accident. Your x-rays showed a whiplash injury and even though it took a while to get better, my Mom and Dad and I thank you for helping me so much. I will keep doing the exercise and I will see you in six months.


I am pleased to say you helped my feet. I had been going to a foot specialist and had shots and therapy, but you eliminated my foot problem in three visits. Thank for your help, I will send my friends to you.



Dr. Radford. I want to thank you for taking the time to find out what was wrong with me. I had been to my regular doctor and an arthritis specialist, but no one gave me a diagnosis. You did tests, found I had severe spinal canal stenosis and got me to a neurosurgeon who was able to help me.

She said my spinal canal was narrowed by disc rupture and a huge cyst. After opening the canal up, I feel great my pain is gone, my legs are starting to get stronger and I am very pleased that I came to you.

Thanks for what you did for me.

Robin Tarr

For the past 3 years I have been to a number of doctors in search of someone who help me with pain management. Each doctor that I saw gave me a different set of antidepressant medicines and pain killers and sent me home to continue to suffer in daily severe pain. None of these medical professionals ever took any xrays or did an MRI to find out what might be the "root" cause of my pain.

Several weeks ago my pain finally was totally out of control. I could not sit or lay down. I was up for 48 hours straight with pain so severe in my lower back. I have a very high stress position and work very long hours as I have explained to all of the doctors that I have seen. Therefore down time from pain is not an option for me. My son recommended that I check out chiropractic medicine. I was very skeptical. I did not think that they could help me because my pain was off of the pain scale chart. However, exhausted and depressed at having no quality of life and continuing to gain more and more weight due to the mediciations I had been given over the past years, I picked up the yellow pages and looked for a chiropractic clinic that was close to my home and also covered by my insurance. That led to me Dr. David Radford of Solon, Ohio. The first thing he did was a complete set of xrays and a MRI. Immediately as soon as I saw the xrays and the MRI results I saw the "root" cause of my pain. Dr. David Radford gave me supplements to take and treatments on my knees and back. I went home still skeptical that after seeing the misalignment of my vertebrae that supplements would help me with my pain. However with a change of diet and these supplements within 2 weeks I was feeling incredibly improved and my mobility was highly improved as well. I am now able to exercise for short periods and have felt better than I have in many years. I am still not without pain and never will be however I now am managing the pain with the help on the Dr. David Radford and his terrific team! I would never have believed that this would have happened through supplements and chiropractic medicine however today I am his biggest fan. I have hope now each day that I can lose weight and regain the mobility and active life style that I once had. Thank you so much Dr. Radford and team. I love you all!