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April 20, 2005


Payment Methods

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has come up with another valuable educational resource for its membership, the Online Patient eNewsletter Service. The AASP member can now activate an automated eNewsletter mailing program for their patients and for any non-patient who wishes to sign up (opt in) for the service. This service will help each member enhance their recognition and expand their practice. The service will also empower each member so they can educate their patients, help improve patient compliance and stimulate referrals. The AASP has developed a sign-up (opt in) authorization format which the member can use to obtain their patients authorization to provide the newsletter service.

The AASP eNewletters will cover need-to-know topics related to the spine such as information about prevalent spine disorders, back pain, advances in spinecare and new technology. The eNewsletter will also feature AASP news, the benefits of conservative spinecare and the role of the spine physician. The content of each newsletter is provided by the AASP, although each enewsletter is personalized with the member's practice information prior to being sent via email. The personalized information on the eNewsletter will include the member’s practice name, the member’s name, the practice address and contact information. Additional information will include acknowledgement of credentials achieved through the AASP such as Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians and Fellow Status with the American College of Spine Physicians.

Each AASP eNewsletter will have a seamless link to the member’s practice website if available and will also have a link to the AASP online Public Information Center (PIC). This provides easy access to additional information for those individuals who seek more. Each eNewsletter will have a message prompting the reader to forward the information to a friend or friends via email. This feature will help expand the reader database.

The AASP eNewsletter service includes access to an automated utilization summary. This will provide the AASP member with utilization information such as when the newsletter was sent and how many newsletters were sent.

The AASP member can activate the newsletter service online by logging into the member’s area. The AASP member always has an opportunity to view the eNewsletter prior to its release. If the AASP member does not wish for a particular eNewsletter to be sent to their patient list, they can deactivate the scheduled mailing online at any time. Individuals receiving the AASP eNewsletters are always given the opportunity to "opt out" at any time. The AASP has provided a downloadable subscription (authorization) form which can be offered to patients and the public. This subscription resource can be placed in the community to help expand the reader base and to expose the public to available spinecare.

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