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April 20, 2005


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It is estimated that over 110 million individuals rely on the Internet each year to research health related information. One of the most common health conditions researched on the Internet is back pain and one of the most common categories researched is the spine and spinal disorders. The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is preparing to meet this growing interest and demand. The AASP is dedicated to developing and maintaining one of the largest online databases of educational information for patients and the public about the spine, spine disorders, spine-related products and spinecare.


The AASP first launched its online Patient Information Center (PIC) a few months ago. This technology was originally designed to assist physicians and their patients. The scope of this project has been expanded to include physicians, patients and the public. The AASP recently assigned a task force to expand its existing online database of information. The project has been renamed the Public Information Center (PIC) consistent with the larger reach. The interdisciplinary AASP PIC task force includes a variety of experience in areas such as spinecare, medical writing, computer programming, medical art and digital animations. The PIC technology was developed to provide physicians, patients and the public with an opportunity to retrieve need-to-know information in a user friendly and unique multimedia format.


The AASP PIC is a well organized online database of information about the spine, spine disorders and spinecare. There are currently 36 online topics placed in an array of click through buttons on the PIC. Within the next three months there will be a wealth of information added behind each of these buttons as well as the addition of more topics. The plans for expanding the current database include the addition of text, line drawings, multi-dimensional animated graphics and audiovisual programs. The information will then be organized in a book format as well as published to reach people who are not using the Internet for this purpose yet. .