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April 20, 2005


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Americans are flooded with "get healthy" or “grow younger” messages everyday, but with limited results. The health of Americans continues to be adversely affected by obesity, physical inactivity, sleep deprivation, poor posture and smoking. This is not limited to adults but is also growing in epidemic proportion in our children.  Each year, millions of individuals suffer with back pain primarily due to modifiable risk factors such as lifestyle, obesity, posture and sleep habits. Each year millions of individuals also suffer the ravages of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Large organizations like the AASP are preparing to further increase educational efforts to facilitate prevention and early intervention.

The American Academy of Spine Physicians, the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association are four leading organizations committed to reducing the risk for disease, disability and death and promoting improved quality of life. These organizations are committed to helping Americans make healthy choices each and everyday. Learning the habits of making healthy choices will reduce the risk of acquiring disorders that may lead to disability and reduced  quality of life . Eating right, getting active, obtaining enough restorative sleep, not smoking, taking care of the spine and seeing healthcare specialists will help individuals stay healthy while avoiding those disorders that may impair their quality of life or lead to a loss of life. 

The AASP recently developed the publication titled, “30 Tips for a Healthy Spine”, which is now available to physicians and the public online as a downloadable fact sheet or as a brochure format which they can copy and give to their patients.

Click Here for 30 Tips for a Healthy Spine