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April 20, 2005


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The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) recognizes the value of providing “need-to-know” information to its membership which they can in turn share with their patients and their communities. The AASP has subsequently assigned a task force to create a database of information about the spine, spine disorders and spinecare. The database will include text, line drawings, multi-dimensional animated graphics and audiovisual programs.



The AASP task force includes writers, medical artists and animators. The AASP strives to develop and maintain the largest database of educational information for patients and the public about the spine, spine disorders, spine-related products and spinecare. The text, illustrations and animations will be created in a digital format so that they can be accessed across the internet using the AASP Public Information Center (PIC). AASP software programmers designed the unique PIC which is a sophisticated but user friendly interface used to access select areas of the AASP database.


The PIC technology was developed to provide patients and the public with an opportunity to retrieve need to know information in a multimedia format. The PIC allows information to be displayed in a variety of formats, including on a desktop computer screen, on a flat LCD or plasma screen (that can be placed on the wall next to a viewbox), on a HDTV in a waiting room, through a LCD system on a large format screen in a lecture hall or on a patient resource center (computer station) within a medical office setting in the future. Portions of the AASP database will be used to publish reference books, self-help books and CD ROMs for the public.