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May 25, 2007


Payment Methods

Back Talk (FAQ's)

How do I know if I should see a chiropractic physician for problem rather than my family doctor or a specialist?


Chiropractic physicians are specialists and they are formally trained and fully qualified to examine patients of all ages for all types of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular complaints in any part of the body.


Many patients use our Clinic as a portal of entry for direct access to the larger healthcare system. We will provide a referral to the areas top specialists when treatment for a health problem is outside our scope of practice. A visit to our office is the first step for many patients.


What problems do you see most frequently?


We most often see patients with lower back and leg pains, headaches, neck, shoulder, arm and hand pains, hip, knee, ankle problems, sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. We also evaluate patients for various forms of neuropathy and movement disorders.


What should I expect on my first visit?


You should expect to meet with your doctor, his nurse or medical assistant, and your vital signs will be measured.  You will be asked to provide the staff with a current and past medical history; you will have an examination for your problem by the doctor consisting of physical, orthopedic and neurological tests. Depending on your complaint, you may be asked to have imaging studies. These may consist of x-ray, MRI, Computed Tomography, or Ultrasound; the doctor may order urine, blood or serum tests or specialized nerve and muscle tests. 


How do I know if my insurance will cover chiropractic treatment?


Patients can call their subscriber service number listed on the insurance card and ask if their policy has a benefit for chiropractic care; almost all plans today do. A list of plans that we participate in is provided for you under "Insurance" on the left side of the Home page. If yours is not there call the office at 440.248.8888.


How can I get a referral to see a chiropractor?


HMO patients can ask their Primary Care Provider for a referral; patients in plans with open access do not need a referral to see a staff chiropractic physician.


Does chiropractic care help headaches?


Many patients with muscle tension, cervicogenic, and even migraine headaches get immediate relief from mild manual therapy of the cervical spine.


Does spinal manipulation cause discomfort?


When manual manipulation is performed by a skilled chiropractor it is safe and essentially painless. Sometimes there is minor post-manipulation tenderness, but this rarely lasts. In rare instances, when chronic pain prevents manipulation, light anesthesia makes it tolerable.


Can scoliosis really be treated?


Scoliosis can be evaluated and if the problem is mild to moderate, the spinal problem can be well managed without surgery. When the curvature is severe, scoliosis often needs surgery and we can assist the patient in picking an experienced scoliosis surgeon.


How effective are chiropractic treatments?


Most patients respond quickly to chiropractic care, even chronic problems like whiplash of the neck have been shown to respond very well.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a peripheral nerve disorder caused by compression of the median nerve at the wrist. This nerve compression results in numbness and tingling of the hand and is often associated with pain that shoots up the arm. The median nerve originates from C5, C6, C7, and C8 spinal roots that form a portion of the brachial plexus and then continue down the arm as the  median nerve running down the arm and through the wrist and into the hand. The median nerve provides sensation to the thumb, the index finger, the middle finger, and half of the ring finger and movement to some muscles of the thumb and hand. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is known as a neuropathy of the Median nerve.

Is chiropractic care safe?


When a patient is examined and a diagnosis is made, the treatment is very safe and the risk of a problem is small. Adverse effects include localized tenderness; but serious side effects are estimated in general to occur at a frequency of less than one in a million treatments.


What is this new “Spinal Decompression” treatment that I see advertised in the newspaper?


This new treatment is not new at all; it is simply a marketing plan that repackages a type of long axis traction, a therapy that dates back about 3000 years in recorded medical history.  While spinal decompression remains an important therapy for back and neck pain, glitzy marketing and multiple expensive charges do not need to be a part of that treatment.


 Can I use your website to make an appointment?


Yes, on the top of the page is a button that allows per-registration and fast-track scheduling. Hit the "Make Appointment" button, fill in the HIPPA compliant pre-registration form and send it as a secure encrypted e-mail to the Clinic office manager.


Once the form is completed and you hit “submit”, at the bottom of the last page the data is transferred to our office computer for your file. You still need to call 440.248.8888 for an appointment time, but most of your paperwork is already done!


What is Best Practices?


Best Practices is a rational approach for treatment. Best Practices takes into consideration the wealth of scientific research, the clinicians experience and decision making process, as well as the patient values and their risk factors, rather than just using Random Clinical Trials or RCT’s.


Everyone has heard of treatment guidelines, these are generalizations for care that are often based on Random Clinical Trials or RCT’s. Unfortunately there are no RCT’s for many problems and on occasion when there are specific guidelines they are ignored by doctors.


This was the case of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research Low Back Pain Guidelines published by the United States Public Health Service. Many doctors ignored the guidelines and used their personal preferences instead of the science.  The result was less than desirable outcomes due to an over dependence on medications, the news was full of stories about the undesirable and dangerous side effects. 


What is your fee?


It is our office policy not to discuss professional fees over the phone, if you want to discuss your problem and the fees required for your work up or treatment, please schedule a complementary consultation with the doctor. We participate in many plans and professional fees are predetermined and set by your plan. Often a plan will tell you what they pay a provider.


Our office has one fee schedule for the many different services or procedures that we perform in the office. As every person is unique and as health problems can vary greatly from one person to another, the fees for the care and services you require can also vary. 


We do not turn patients away; we will work with you to make financial arrangements if you have a financial hardship.  


To facilitate this first meeting, please pre-register on line at www.backtalk.ws if you have internet access or we will mail the forms to your home for you to complete and present at your appointed time with one of our doctors. If you have any current medical reports, x-rays, CT scans or MRI films please bring these to your visit as well. By following this method we are better prepared to discuss your care.