January 12, 2004


Payment Methods

The American Academy of Spine Physicians remains the fastest growing organization of its kind. The public has become more sophisticated and is going to Internet (World Wide Web) to look for information about their spine and related conditions and to search for physicians who have special interest/expertise in the care of the spine. A professional and highly visible presence on the internet has become critical. The Internet provides the public with expanded exposure to information on their condition, therapeutic options and to directories of experts in spinecare.


The AASP has implemented a number of steps and resources to help enhance the recognition of it members (chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons) and to help educate patients and the public. Available services and resources provide for 1) enhanced recognition as a spine expert, 2) an opportunity to obtain additional qualifications, 3) noticeable network with highly regarded colleagues, 4) highly visible presence on the NATIONAL DIRECTORY OF SPINE PHYSICIANS, 5) empowerment through access to educational resources and 6) increased media exposure. All of these steps will lead to increased patients and improved quality of spinecare. The AASP has compiled a list of steps which can be incorporated to educate the public about your qualifications and the availability of spinecare. (Steps to Marketing Success). These are only a few of the solutions the AASP offers to its members to help them in the challenging spinecare environment of 2004 and beyond.

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