International Spine Association

The International Spine Association (ISA) is an organization comprised of International Divisions representing countries on six continents.

The primary Mission of the International Spine Association is to improve the quality of spinecare throughout the world through education. The ISA is committed to disseminating need-to-know information through the World Wide Web in numerous languages covering many topics related to the spine including information about spine disorders, spine health, advances in technology and available spinecare. The ISA also provides information about Spine Organizations and an International Directory of Backcare Products.

The ISA has one of the largest online searchable databases of information about the spine. The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), a highly respected organization is one of the greatest contributors of information to the ISA.

Physicians Recommended Site for Accurate Spinecare Information

Physicians have a growing responsibility to keep their patients informed and up to date. Physicians are encouraged to use the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) "Spinecare Information" RX/Pads to direct their patients to online "need-to-know" information about the spine, spine disorders, diagnostic procedures and available spinecare. This online multimedia database is referred to as the Public Information Center (PIC). It is located on the website of the International Spine Association (ISA). Proper use of this resource helps patients learn more about their spine condition and treatment options. Physicians use a simple prescription format and check off the information they would like their patient to read about online. Directions to the ISA website are provided. The informed patient is better prepared to discuss their condition, testing options or treatment options with their attending physician(s). All information on the PIC database is approved by the AASP Editorial Board, so you can feel confident that the information is timely and accurate. If your need a prescription for education ask your physican about the ISA Public Information Center. If your physicians are not aware of this valuable resource this is your opportunity to educate them.

For Professionals: To obtain Spinecare Rx/Pads simply fill out your information below and we'll send you a trial version or apply today for membership with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP). If accepted you will receive a unique User Name and ID so that you can access this resource as well as other practice development and patient educational resources on as needed basis.

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