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Phillip Lopez
Dr.Bedell was a life- saver!!!! I started to see Dr. Bedell in mid August of 2003. I had a tremendous amount of pain radiating up and down my right leg and I was clueless on what I was going through.Until I was seen by Dr. Bedell and he explained everything about my herniated disc and started to adjust me immediately, and had possitive results instantaneously. THANK YOU DR. BEDELL!!!

Silvana Vincon
Following a major car accident I went through 20 years of debilitating pain. I tried MDs, osteopaths, meditation, massages – nothing worked. My movements were restricted, I had problems sleeping because of the pain and allergic reactions to major pain killers limited my pain relief options.

I was diagnosed with TMJ syndrome, arthritis and fibromyalgia. I was told that I should just learn to live with the pain.

Then I found Todd: he really listened to my complaints. I just wanted to feel a little better so the pain would not keep me awake at night but, surely enough, I kept improving slowly and steadily. I now have no pain, I do not need any pain medication, I sleep though the night and I am more flexible than when I was 20. Thank you Dr, Bedell!

Phillip Lopez
Since I wrote last, not only did Dr. Bedell help me on my road to recovery, he helped me change the way I think of food!We have been doing exercises to strenth my back,they worked without a doubt! At the same time he explained to me what to eat and what will help me lose the extra weight.I now lost nearly twenty pounds and feel great!Once again Thank You DR. Bedell!!

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December 14, 2004


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