The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) recently implemented new technology which will be used to develop and display audiovisual educational programs on the AASP website. Many of the programs will incorporate slide and/or electronic book technology with online audio narration. Most of the programs will be a few minutes in length.


During the first phase of development, the AASP multimedia audiovisual programs will be used under three headings on the AASP website home page. The first heading titled Audiovisual Tour of Member Benefits will feature programs that offer straight-to-the point tutorial assistance to help the prospective member or existing member learn more about what the AASP has to offer. There will be programs providing a general overview as well as topic specific coverage.


In the near future a variety of online AASP audiovisual programs will also be categorized under the heading, “AASP Audiovisual Library” also located on the AASP website home page. In the first phase of development the new technology will also be used to develop and display educational information for the public under a third heading titled the Public Information Center. This information will parallel that located under the expanded Patient Information Center which will soon become available to members in a website plugin format. The online multimedia programs will continually be updated. They can be accessed online by patients, the public and physicians anytime of the day or night.


After completing the first phase of implementation, the AASP will apply the multimedia technology to any area of the AASP website where an audiovisual program could help the user. This will include various points of access to member services. The AASP will also create a library of multimedia links which can be used with the online “Inform a Colleague” email resource. This will enable any member or interested physician an opportunity to attach one or more multimedia programs to an email message.



September 28, 2004


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