Computer programmers for the American Academy of Spine Physicians worked hard in May to develop a user friendly online resource which members can access to facilitate a referral relationship with one or more neurosurgeons in their area. The program essentially serves as an automated “match-making function” which can be used to introduce a local neurosurgeon to the local chiropractic member, to the benefits of cooperative spinecare, and to the benefits of membership with the AASP. This approach will help facilitate the development of regional interdisciplinary spinecare referral networks and it allows the AASP to focus on developing networks in areas where there are currently chiropractic members.

The AASP is committed to helping its membership achieve efficient cooperative spinecare. To use the technology the AASP member simply logs into the member area of the AASP website and goes to the designated region titled Referral Network along the left margin of the member welcome page. The member is prompted to submit the name or names and contact information of neurosurgeons they would like to work with. The contact information is submitted to the AASP online and is subsequently placed into a database which is used to generate a personalized letter to the neurosurgeon(s) from the AASP. The letter of introduction is printed at the AASP office of member services and sent to the neurosurgeon via regular mail along with an application to join the AASP. The AASP member receives email confirmation when the letter is sent along with recommendations for follow up.

The AASP believes that this revolutionary approach is the first of its kind provided by a national healthcare organization. Through the AASP online match-making (referral network area) function members of the American Academy of Spine Physicians can directly search for board certified neurosurgeons in their area by name or geographic location. The member can then apply the contact information on the AASP find a neurosurgeon template which they submit to the AASP.


Referral Network for Dr. John Doe 

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) will help introduce you to the neurosurgeons. This "matchmaking" service is FREE to members of the AASP.
We will contact the neurosurgeons for you and facilitate your working together.

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September 26, 2004


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