The new neurology textbook titled Myelopathy, Radiculopathy, and Peripheral Entrapment Syndromes published by CRC press is being appreciated by chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeon alike having received numerous multidisciplinary accolades and honors since its initial release in 2002. The text covers topics ranging from need-to-know anatomy, pathophysiology and biomechanics to advanced neuroimaging and clinical neurophysiology. The principal authors/ editors of the text are David H. Durrant, D.C., DABCN, a Fellow of the American College of Spine Physicians and a member of the Academy Council and Jerry True, D.C, DABCN, a member of the AASP. Dr. Durrant and Dr. True are board certified chiropractic neurologists and experienced in the field of spinecare.


The benchmark neurology textbook covers the topic of neurology of the spine in detail with over 400 original illustrations and quick reference tables. In fact, the textbook provides one of the most comprehensive single treatises on the subject of radiculopathy. The book is currently in its second printing with CRC press. It is being used as one of many textbook resources for the online Textbook Review Courses offered by the AASP.  It is currently being used a primary course book at numerous colleges and is being used as a primary reference for the neurology portion of some medical state board examinations.  The book can be obtained through most medical bookstores, CRC press or


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September 18, 2004


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