As part of the National Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative, the AASP is offering a customized interactive website to its members. There is no charge for the development, setup and deployment. The AASP website will convey to the public, and other physicians the unique experience and training of the members. The professionalism and effectiveness of the site is unmatched from others in the industry.


The AASP website offered to each member is linked to the database of the American Academy of Spine Physicians. This seamless pass thorugh provides each AASP member with a continually updated body of need-to-know information for their patients as well as an expanding library of resources. The website also contains Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative resources including personalized brochures and press releases.  


Several members of the AASP have recently previewed the Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative resources and commented “WOW, COUNT ME IN”.


The AASP Website for each member comes with a variety of ready to go functions including:


1)  Patient and Public Information Center

      (Includes the following Database)


     A) Spine Anatomy

     B) Spine Quick Facts

     C) Signs and Symptoms

     D) Diagnostic Tests

     E) Spine Disorders

     F) Training of Chiropractors

     G) Training of Neurosurgeons

     H) AASP Brochures


2) Refer a Patient Function

3) Online Practice Newsletter Builder

4) Online Article Builder

5) AASP Member Certificate

6) Chiropractic Services Summaries

7) About the AASP

8) Member Press Release

9) Directions to your practice

10) Our Team Page

11) Our Services Page

12) The Doctor(s) Page

13) The Academy Page

14) Information Spine Links

15) AASP News

16) And much More...........................


Click Here to View The Demo Version of the Custom AASP Website



Submit the following form for a complete online tour of an AASP Website. 

(Tour also includes pricing and deployment information)



August 31, 2004


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