Beginning this month, a monthly column is being published in DYNAMIC CHIROPRACTIC. This bimonthly newspaper published an article about the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) in November: “Chiropractors, Neurosurgeon Join Forces.” The article discussed the advantages of chiropractors and neurosurgeons being involved cooperatively in spinecare. At the end of that article, it stated that the article was to serve to introduce a column to begin in January 2004: “The Chiropractor/Neurosurgeon Advantage.” The first such column has been published; it was titled “The Case of the Unknown Consultation.” The subject was how a neurosurgeon was able to head off a lawsuit against a chiropractor by endorsing the therapy as performed by the chiropractor. The column is available on the DYNAMIC CHIROPRACTIC website at:




The column is the product of the Academic Committee. Some topics have been chosen for 2004; however, the AASP is interested in suggestions for the subject matter of future columns.

This is your organization.


Please forward your suggestions to the AASP.



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October 13, 2004


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