The Unique AASP Buying Advantage Program for Members

The talented AASP website programmers completed the programming for AASP Buying Advantage Program (BAP). This interactive addition to the AASP website allows vendors to access the website and post discounts in designated categories. The format provides vendors an opportunity to compete for the best price categories. This provides AASP members an opportunity to price compare in an efficient manner.


AASP members can access a qualifying email certificate, which can be used to provide business participants of the BAP with confirmation of the members right to receive significant discounts on purchases. This program will be particularly helpful for the new graduate who may have to purchase a large quantity of office furniture, computers, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The Buying Advantage Program will be tested and posted online during June 2003. The AASP Buying advantage program will be posted for all to see but only active members of the AASP will be eligible to receive special discounts on professional products and services. 

October 13, 2004


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