The scientific committee of the AASP has developed a patient resource titled “30 Tips for Better Spine Health”.  This carefully designed bulleted list of lifestyle considerations will help each and every individual who receives it reduce the risk for injury and promote spine health. It is a must for all spine physicians. This resource may represent the single most important educational step a physician can implement in their practice to facilitate spine health. The document is available free to members in three primary formats; 1) as a downloadable fact sheet, 2) in a downloadable brochure format and 3) as a plug-in resource for the member’s personalized AASP website.

This document is available to members in a format that can be downloaded to a printer so that it can be given to patients in the office. The document ca also be personalized with the members name and contact information along with their designation as an active members of the AASP. For members who have activated their personalized AASP website, the document is available to be plugged into the website for efficient access by patients and the public.

You can review the 30 Tips for better spine health by click here.

October 13, 2004


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