The Spinal Biomechanics Practice

The procedures we use are based on a chiropractic specialty known as Spinal Biomechanics.*  Spinal Biomechanics is an integrated system of spinal analysis and correction developed and refined over the past five decades by researchers associated with the Pettibon Biomechanics Institute in Gig Harbor, Washington.

What has always distinguished Spinal Biomechanics from most other chiropractic methods is its emphasis on the intimate relationship between spinal structure and function, and its corresponding goal of combining specific chiropractic adjustments with specially developed spinal rehabilitation procedures to create lasting changes in the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments and discs) that surrounds, supports, and stabilizes the spine, allowing it to function with greater ease and efficiency.

Unlike some chiropractic methods, which have remained essentially unchanged for decades, Spinal Biomechanics maintains its position on the cutting edge of chiropractic technique by undergoing frequent revisions in its methods of spinal analysis and correction in light of the latest findings in associated areas of scientific research.

* In the United States, the majority of Spinal Biomechanists are chiropractors; however, in some countries, such as Russia and South Korea, Spinal Biomechanics is primarily practiced by medical doctors, usually orthopedists with an interest in the conservative (non-surgical) treatment of spinal disorders.



December 17, 2004


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