What to Expect from the Chiropractic Physician


The practice of chiropractic is based on providing care without drugs or surgery, although the specific scope of practice may vary according to the laws of a specific jurisdiction.

In general patients should expect:

A thorough physical examination to determine conditions which may be appropriate for chiropractic care and a physical medicine approach; To be referred to another health care provider for those conditions which are not appropriate for chiropractic care or for those which are not responding to chiropractic care;

To understand the type of care to be administered, and what results may be expected; Periodic assessment to determine treatment effectiveness and projected duration of continued care; A reasonable understanding of therapeutic options Appropriate and ethical care provided in confidence, with respect for privacy and dignity.

The Chiropractic Physician’s Role in Interdisciplinary Care

The chiropractic physician can provide complementary care to the surgeon and the general medical practitioner who specializes in a pharmaceutical approach to healthcare conditions. The chiropractic physician is well trained in disease prevention, clinical nutrition and the science of tissue recovery and repair. The chiropractic physician understands the steps required to promote maximum musculoskeletal tissue recovery and repair.


December 17, 2004


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