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Niagara-Frontier Chiropractic provides the drugless, non-surgical and rehabilitative care with the WNY Neuroscience Institute.  Drs Owens and DeMarco go to great lengths to ensure patient satisfaction and current scientifically based treatment plans.  They are an important component to the WNY Neuroscience Institute and provide the surrounding community with safe and effective treatment options.   

Intergrated Neurodiagnostic Testing





Intergrated Neurodiagnostic Testing is a comprehensive neurodiagnostic testing company that specializes in NCV and EMG.  Their expertise provides in depth objectification of nerve injuries within the treating physician's office or on-site at the WNY Neuroscience Institute.  Their goal is to objectify spinal disorders while maintaining state-of-the-art reporting, communication protocols and patient satisfaction.

Please dial 1.716.681.9242 for more information.

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December 12, 2004


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