The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is dedicated to providing its members with time and cost efficient methods of educating their patients and informing the public about trends and developments in spinecare and to help improve their visibility as an expert in spinecare. 


The AASP offers its members an online public relations program which provides the member with innovative online resources to build-your-own personalized press release from the extensive archive of news published in the online ACADEMY NEWS. This unique opportunity provides the AASP member with an opportunity to disseminate up-to-date information about their role in spinecare as well as information about the spine, spine disorders and trends in cooperative spinecare to the public with a minimum of effort.


The following steps can be used to build-your-own press release online:


    1. Navigate to the Build a Press Release in the AASP members area after logging in.
    2. Pick an article from the ACADEMY NEWS archives as the news feature for the press release.
    3. Choose an article title from the list provided.
    4. Choose a transitional piece to connect your personalized information to the attached featured news from the list.
    5. Click complete press release.
    6. Mail or Email the Press release out to your local media.


September 10, 2004


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