During the month of February, the AASP launched its first online survey. The survey was an overwhelming success, exceeding the projections of the Academy Council.  Many physicians took the time to type recommendations into the comment areas. There was a statistically significant response from both members and potential members. The AASP surveys were completed online and submitted back to the AASP online, many of them returned within 24-48 hours.  The information was digitally routed into an AASP database allowing for efficient review of the information by category. The interdisciplinary AASP committee assigned to review the survey results has already forwarded their conclusions and recommendations to select members of the Academy Council. The AASP is currently working to incorporate many of the suggestions received. The AASP is encouraged to have such a high level of interest and participation of the members and potential members. The short response time from surveys enables the organization to deploy a pre-emptive strike in the media or within the healthcare profession should one become necessary in the future. 


Many constructive ideas were received. One of the areas of greatest demand was a call for more practice building resources. It has become quite evident that members and potential members want to realize immediate benefits of membership within their office and their community. A list of potential solutions and products were provided. Another common category of recommendation was a call for the development of additional resources which could be used to inform the public as well as members of the medical community about the background and training of chiropractic physicians and the unique alliance between chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons in spinecare. There was also an overwhelming interest in using the World Wide Web, personalized professional websites and the media reach the pubic and influence healthcare providers.  The survey results made it evident that the AASP needs to mount a National Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative and will need to provide each of its members with the resources required to participate and be effective.


The American Academy of Spine Physicians remains one of the fastest growing organizations of its kind. The AASP is devoted to remaining at the leading edge and the growth will continue with valuable influence from its members. The AASP is committed to furthering the development of technology like the online survey to deliver resources to the public and its members to improve spine health and the quality of spinecare.  There will be no end to this process. Efficient organizational growth and development requires efficient and timely communication with membership. The AASP has and will continue to develop the tools to empower each member to participate in the creative process. A process enabled by implementation of sophisticated proprietary programming for the delivery, receipt and interpretation of large scale surveys from members and potential members. This new technology will allow members to contribute a collective influence on the development of future resources and technology.



September 8, 2005


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