Dear AASP,

I cannot sing the praises enough about my website you are hosting. The design is outstanding. I have received numerous compliments from my patients about it! Furthermore, we have had many new patients come in due to the information provided on the website.

I couldn't be happier with the service, ease and convience of the site. My patients and I can communicate through the website on a regular basis. I have been able to set up an on-line store to offer products to my patient base and I have the convience of updating information on the website myself any time I choose. Kevin, you have been outstanding with the service! Any time I have had a question, you have been immediately available to answer. You have provided me with the gracious service of dressing up my e-blasts by taking what would be a regular type written paragraph and making in look like a professional marketing statemtent.

I paid over $200.00 per month for a website that didn't provide half of the content and service that the AASP website does. I recommend that all physicians take a very hard look at this deal; I guarentee you won't find one as good anywhere else!

Yours in health,

Christopher Bennett, D.C.

Dear AASP,

I have been looking for a quality site with information as detailed as the information from the AASP members website. I was quoted by several other website construction companies as much as $800 to build the type site I was looking for and monthly maintenance fees as much as $75. I found my wishes were answered by the AASP members website.  With just a little personalization information, the site can be up and going in a matter of minutes. Thanks again AASP for a quality site for patient education and marketing capabilities for a fraction of the cost.


B Tripp Henderson, D.C.

Dear AASP,


I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with our AASP website.


Not only is it among the most professional of sites I've seen, it is also beginning to bring us new patients!


When exsisting patients mention that they have a friend or family member that have a health problem, we instruct them how to access our site with the new patient referral. This way, they learn about the office and print the coupon that accompanies the website.


Thank you for bringing this technology to our office.


Yours for better health


Casey Phillips

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