1.  Join Leaders in Spinecare and Become a Member of one of the Most Prestigious Spinecare Organizations in the World


  • Help shape the future of spinecare
  • Demonstrate your commitment to excellence in spinecare  

Become a member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), one of the most prestigious spine organizations in the world. Members of the AASP include staff physicians from some of the most distinguished medical centers and educational facilities in the country. The AASP has also attracted international members from six continents.


By becoming a member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), you have an opportunity to expand your practice and help shape the future of spinecare.  The AASP was founded by chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons dedicated to conservative and cooperative spinecare. In 2007, membership categories were expanded to include other members of the spinecare team. The AASP has become an international organization comprised of healthcare professionals of various disciplines dedicated to excellence in spinecare. Members are committed to prioritizing a conservative and cooperative approach.


The AASP Academy Council members provide valuable direction to the Academy and help set it apart from other organizations. The collaboration between Academy Council members and AASP committees strengthen the role and influence of the AASP and help promote the development and implementation of member services.

2. Listing on Multiple Online NATIONAL DIRECTORIES


  • Increase practice visibility
  • Receive more referrals
  • Distinguish yourself as a spine specialist 

The American Academy of Spine Physicians has made arrangements for its members to be listed on multiple online National Directories. Physician members will be listed on the National Directory of Spine Physicians and the Interational Directory of Spine Specialists. Non-physician members are also listed on multiple  Directories. The Directories are available to the public via the World Wide Web.  They are listed with major search engines to help increase AASP member visibility. The Directories all provide user friendly search functions so that patients, professionals and the public can search for spine physicians/specialists by name, specialty and geographic location.


AASP members have a full page profile linked to their basic contact information on each of the Directories. The profile includes information such as expanded contact information, areas of practice emphasis, website address (link), specialized training/credentialing as well as a picture of the member. Members who obtain Diplomate or Fellow status through the AASP are listed higher on the Directory than those members who are not Diplomates and Fellows.

3. AASP Brochures and Publications


  • Empower your patients with information to improve self-care of the spine
  • Stimulate referrals and expand your practice with updated educational resources
  • An informed patient usually has a better outcome with spinecare


The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to providing its members with publications which cover topics necessary to adequately inform their patients. The AASP does not expect its members to rely on outdated and sometimes biased information. To help meet this goal the AASP publishes numerous clinical and educational resources including brochures, e-books and fact sheets. The AASP has developed a series of brochures covering a broad spectrum of spine and related topics.  Each publication emphasizes a conservative, as well as, a cooperative approach to spinecare.


AASP educational resources are available in both digital and printed formats. They can be downloaded to a printer from a CD or from the AASP website. Special brochures are available to help members promote their role in spinecare and make referrals to spine specialists of other disciplines. Timely publications help members inform their patients about diagnostic procedures, spinal conditions and available therapeutic options. Some of these items are made available in the AASP Practice Development Kit, received as part of the membership benefits. Other resources are available in the AASP store at a considerable discount to members.

4. Distinguish Yourself as a Credentialed Spine Specialist (Diplomate/Fellow)


  • Obtain Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (DAASP)
  • Obtain Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (FACSP) 

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to providing educational opportunities to spine specialists of various disciplines. The AASP offers advanced credentialing for members who achieve various levels of academic achievement through the Academy. The AASP is the only organization of its kind to offer interdisciplinary post-doctoral credentialing to its members.


Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (DAASP) is granted to physician members of the AASP who achieve a total of 300 continuing education (CE) credits through the AASP. Member physicans who achieve an additional 200 continuing education (CE) credits through the AASP are eligible to obtain Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (FACSP).


Credentialing with the AASP demonstrates the member's commitment to excellence in spinecare and thus enhances their professional stature with patients, the public and other healthcare professionals. Members who achieve advanced credentialed status with the AASP have greater visibility on online directories. They can also use the designated initials on professional correspondence, marketing materials and educational resources.

5. Online Courses (CE) including Two Free Courses Per Year


  • Obtain cost efficient continuing education
  • Choose the educational subjects of your choice
  • Reduce time away form your family and patients 

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to providing affordable and flexible continuing educational opportunities for its members. The AASP currently provides self-study and online continuing education programs through a variety of formats including Textbook Review Courses, Journal Review Courses and Case Study Review Courses. After completion of course material a test is taken online and it is auto-graded. Members receive course credits when they pass the online test with 80% proficiency and pay for the course. Payment can be deferred to a later date. If the member does not pass the course with 80% proficiency they do not have to pay for the course; they can retake the exam.


Physician (member and associate) members who join or renew their membership with the AASP are eligible to participate in two courses per membership year at no charge. If both courses are passed the member receives 20 continuing education credits (20 CE). 


Some states may accept online continuing education credts for license renewal. The AASP recommends that each of its members confirms the acceptance of online C.E. credits for license renewal with their state organization and or licensing agency.  State approval for online C.E is not required to obtain Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (DAASP) or Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (FACSP).  


Candidate members are eligible to take course and received credit for the courses. They can also apply the credits towards the criteria for Diplomate and Fellow Status. This status will not be granted until the candidate has graduated and received a license to practice.

6. Discount on Custom Matted and Framed Membership Certificate


  • Distinguish yourself as a leader in spinecare
  • Display your commitment to cooperative spinecare
  • Acknowledge your dedication to conservative spinecare  

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to helping each member display their commitment to conservative and cooperative spinecare. Members of the AASP can purchase a prestigious custom-matted and framed membership certificate at a considerable discount. The matting is highlighted by a beautifully embossed silver AASP logo. The professional matting enhances the certificate and its message about the member.


The custom matted and framed membership certificate can be immediately displayed right out of the box. It will attract attention to the member’s dedication to excellence in spinecare and their willingness to work with other healthcare specialists for the benefit of the patients. Additional matted and framed certificates are available through the AASP online store. Members have, if they wish, an opportunity to display their commitment in all of their patient rooms. 

7. Interactive Practice Website


  • Introduce yourself and your practice online
  • Link your website to online directory listings
  • Link to the AASP and ISA database and educate your patients online 24/7         

As part of the National Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative, the AASP is offering a customized interactive website to its members. There is no charge for the development, setup and deployment of the website.  For those members who already have an independent website, the AASP website can be linked to it and serve as a specialty online spine information center for the practice.  The AASP website is dedicated to spinecare and would provide a compliment to a broader website. The AASP website will convey to the public, patients and other physicians, the physician’s relationship with the AASP and the member’s unique background and training. There is no cost for the website although there is a cost for hosting the website and for special project development.


The AASP website includes an active link to the online Public Information Center (PIC) of the International Spine Association (ISA). This refers to a large multimedia database of need-to-know information for patients, healthcare professionals and the public. The website also contains the unique resources of the AASP National Spinecare Awareness Initiative, including downloadable facts sheets, brochures and press releases.


Features of the Customized website include:

  • Refer a Patient Function
  • Online Practice Newsletter Builder
  • Online Article Builder
  • AASP Member Certificate
  • Chiropractic Services Summaries
  • About the AASP
  • Member Press Release
  • Directions to Your Practice
  • Our Team Page
  • Our Services Page
  • The Doctor(s) Page
  • The Academy Page
  • Informative Links (link to the online Public Information Center)
  • Academy News  

8. Downloadable Spine Coding Reference Guide 

  • An efficient reminder of diagnostic considerations
  • Quick reference guide for the examination room
  • Speed up the paperwork process and increase coding accuracy

Each member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians will receive a downloadable ICD-9 coding guide which can be used for quick reference.. The double-sided reference guide is packed with pertinent spinecare related signs/symptoms, and diagnostic codes. These guides are a valuable resource for physicians as well other members of the spinecare team. Members can purchase additional Quick Coding Reference Guides at a reduced rate.

9. Spine Condition Script Pads for Use with Patients


  • Direct patients to accurate information about their condition
  • Improve patient compliance with treatment
  • Encourage patient self-care and preventative habits 

Research has shown that the majority of patients go to the internet to research their medical conditions. This includes spine and related conditions. This is a growing trend, one that will continue to influence the practice of medicine and all areas of spinecare. It is the responsibility of healthcare professionals to help their patients’ access accurate information online.


Members of the Academy receive a spine condition based script pad to help direct their patients to accurate information about their condition. Each tear off script sheet provides a list of common spine conditions with a check box next to each (diagnosis). The member can mark the box of the condition or conditions that their patient has. The script sheet is given to the patient. The script directs the patient to an Online Public Information Center (PIC) so that they can learn more about their condition and related care of that condition.


The online PIC is a large multimedia database of “need-to-know” information about the spine, spine conditions and available spinecare. The content of the PIC is managed by the International Spine Association (ISA).  The AASP is one of the content providers for the ISA. Patients with a chronic spine condition should be encouraged to become a member of the International Spine Association (ISA) so they can receive a regular enewsletter and access up-to-date information at any time.

 10. Database Plug-in for Your Practice Website


  • Add the equivalent of full time medical writers and artists to your staff
  • Present state-of-the art medical graphics
  • Make the report of findings more efficient and informative 

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) offers its members some of the most unique educational resources and tools available in the healthcare field. One of these tools is the online Public Information Center (PIC). This opportunity is made available as the result of a cooperative effort between the AASP and the International Spine Association (ISA). The PIC is a large online multimedia database of information about the spine and available spinecare. Access to this database is available to all members of the AASP and their patients.


Members of the AASP will be given an opportunity to obtain an attractive plug-in (active link) for their website which leads directly to the ISA online Public Information Center. The active link to the PIC can be placed into any existing member website. The PIC can be accessed in the physician’s office as part of a patient educational station/center. Individuals can also be directed to access the PIC though the member’s practice website, the AASP website, or the ISA website. Patients frequently will return to the PIC to look for new information and to learn about treatment options. Patients become motivated to refer friends, family and other contacts to the PIC for accurate information about signs/symptoms, the spine, spine disorders and available spinecare. The PIC can be displayed on a standard computer monitor, flat plasma screen, or HDTV monitor as well as on hand held devices. The information can be reached from anywhere at any time.

11. Receive the ACADEMY NEWS


  • Stay up to date on AASP activities and new member benefits
  • Develop press releases using the Academy News
  • Keep your referring physicians informed 

The AASP is committed to keeping its members informed about trends in spinecare, member contributions to the field, new member benefits and the activities of the Academy. Members, who provide the AASP with their email address, will receive regular email delivery of the Academy News at no charge. The Academy News provides a method for efficient and regular communication with members throughout the year.


Each online publication provides active links to additional information. All issues of the eNewsletter are archived and indexed, allowing for efficient search and review. The Newsletter archive is linked to the online “Inform a Colleague” function so that members can easily send information to other members in the spinecare field. Each Newsletter also has a “forward to” function so that any member can forward a copy via email to a colleague instantaneously. This brings attention to the role of the AASP, membership benefits and to the member’s commitment to excellence in spinecare.

12. Member Practice Development Kit


  • Receive professional quality PowerPoint® presentations for community and patient    education   
  • Obtain brochures for patient education
  • Expand your practice with invaluable educational resources
  • Become familiar with additional practice development resources through the online store 

The AASP has developed a comprehensive Practice Development Kit which will help members expand their practices and educate the public concerning their role in the care of the spine. The kit includes professional PowerPoint® presentations, introductory letters, educational brochures, posters, postcards, appointment cards, and more.  These resources will help the member distinguish themselves as a spine specialist in their community.


Numerous resources in the Kit, including PowerPoint® presentations, are provided at no charge to the member. Other resources are provided at a considerable discount to members through the AASP store. Most of the resources can be personalized with the member’s practice and related contact information. The practice development resources can be printed out by the member. For those who want someone else to print the materials, an order form is included in the kit. Each resource is coded and itemized on the form. The completed order form can be emailed, faxed or mailed to the designated AASP printer. Printing is provided at a discount for members. The resource CD can also be taken to a printer of the member’s choice for local printing. The resources in the practice development kit resources will help educate patients and encourage referrals.


The AASP Technology Partner Hewlett Packard (HP) provides a variety of color laser printers for members of the AASP. Designated HP printers can be used with the Practice Development Kit to primary materials as needed in the member’s office.

13. The AASP Buying Advantage


  • Obtain a discount on many spinecare–related products
  • Purchase practice development resources at a considerable savings
  • Save money on equipment and supplies 

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to helping members save money wherever possible. The AASP offers products and resources through the online store at a discount to members. Selected companies are also given the opportunity to post their information on the AASP Buying Advantage area of the AASP website. Only members can access this area by logging in with their unique password and identification number. Most companies offer members of the AASP a preferred discount on equipment, educational resources, anatomical models, promotional items, practice supplies and products.


The online Buying Advantage program gives each company an opportunity to log onto their profile and change the discount offered. This interactive feature encourages healthy competition which will benefit the aggressive company and each member. The AASP provides members with an opportunity to purchases AASP products and resources at a discount. The member can search the Buying Advantage area by Company Name, service/product category or by the level of discount. Access to the AASP Buying Advantage Program financially can more than justify the cost of membership. Most members will save the cost of annual membership within the first few purchases.



  • Build your spinecare referral network
  • Forward information to colleagues quickly
  • Invite healthcare colleagues to join the AASP  

The AASP always strives to implement new and more efficient methods for members to communicate with other healthcare professionals. One of the most effective tools is the online “Inform a Colleague” function. This function can be used to expand and educate your spinecare referral network. This resource represents a convenient method for informing others about trends in spinecare, the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), the International Spine Association (ISA), membership benefits and other related opportunities.


This unique feature of the AASP website offers a “send to” function, text window and a library of information links. The online link library consists of a list of resources and documents which can simply be attached to an email message via the click of a button. The link library also contains an application for membership with the AASP.


The online “Inform a Colleague” feature provides an invaluable time-saving service for keeping spinecare professionals up-to-date, expanding the spinecare network, stimulating interdisciplinary referrals and for inviting colleagues to join the AASP. The library of links is always being updated with useful information and resources.

15. AASP PowerPoint® Slide Programs


  • Ready to use presentations for patients and the public
  • Slide programs which can be posted on your website 

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to developing multimedia resources for members to help educate patients, physicians and the public. One of the most effective and powerful tools is the slide progam.


AASP members will receive some PowerPoint® slide sets at no cost on a Practice Development Kit CD.  Members can also access additional slides and slide programs/sets on the AASP website and through the online AASP store. Slide programs can be downloaded from the AASP website to the member's personal computer. Some of the slides can be customized for personalized presentations. Some slide programs/sets are only available by purchase, although they can be purchased at a discount by members through the online AASP store. The slide programs can be used to inform patients, physicians and the public about the benefits of conservative spinecare, the member's specialized approach and the role of the member in spinecare. The slide programs were designed to be used with other AASP educational resources such as brochures and fact sheets.


The AASP has archived PowerPoint® slide programs so that they can be accessed through the members practice website via a plugin (link). Members are encouraged to direct their patients to go online to view slide programs on their practice website. The online approach can be used to supplement patient education lectures in the member’s office setting.  Participants in these lectures should be encouraged to refer friends and family to view programs online.

16. Library of Informational Links


  • Invaluable resource for the public and patients
  • One-stop location for research 

The AASP has an online library of links to spine and related organizations as well as condition specific databases, support groups, foundations and research projects. This feature provides members with quick online access to informative databases on the Internet It can take many hours or days of online research to find the variety of links that the AASP has to offer. The savings in online research time is immeasurable.

17. The ISA Spine Disorders Database


  • Direct your patients to accurate information about the spinecare
  • Extend your report of findings with the ISA spine disorders database
  • Provide your patients with resources they can access after the office  visit any time of the day

The American Academy of Spine Physicans (AASP) is committed to providing members with resources that they can make available to their patients any time. Patient education should never stop in the office. Patients need to be encouraged to participate in their healthcare.  The AASP has partnered with the International Spine Association (ISA) to develop resources to make this task easier. This includes the development of a large multimedia database of need-to-know information about the spine, spine disorders and available spinecare. The ISA database can be accessed by AASP members, patients and the public. This resource provides spine specialists with a reliable location to direct patients for peer reviewed need-to-know information about their spine disorder.


Patients who understand their spine disorder are usually more compliant and generally have better outcomes with care. If members send their patients to accurate information, they will spend less time correcting misinformation their patients may have obtained from family members, friends and the Internet. They can spend their time more effectively caring for their patients. Patients use this resource to help educate friends and family members.


The AASP provides members with tear-off script pads to help direct patients to the online Public Information Center (PIC). Members also have access to a brochure highlighting the role of the PIC. Members are encouraged to give the tear off sheet and a brochure to their patients. The AASP encourages its members’ to recommend that their patients with chronic spine conditions join the International Spine Association (ISA) for additional educational benefits including a newsletter, discounted publications and access to member login areas for additional “need-to-know” information.

18. Participate in the AASP National Spinecare Awareness Initiative  

  • Encourage self-care and improve the outcome of spinecare
  • Stimulate referrals by educating your patients and the public
  • Provide a public service for the community 

The mission of the American Academy of Spine Physicans (AASP) National Spinecare Awareness Initiative is to educate healthcare professionals, patients and the public about the spine, available spinecare and the benefits of conservative and cooperative spinecare. The Initiative includes the National Physician Awareness Program which was developed to bring attention to the role of spine specialists of various disciplines.


The AASP has partnered with the International Spine Association (ISA), to help meet the goals of the Initiative. The primary mission of the ISA is to improve the quality of spinecare throughout the world through education. The ISA is committed to disseminating online information and educational resources throughout the World about the spine, spine disorders, spine-health, advances in technology and available spinecare. Members have the unique opportunity to access educational and practice resources developed by both organizations.



  • Become part of an international educational initiative
  • Help get accurate information to everyone who deserves it
  • Demonstrate your commitment to spinecare worldwide 

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has partnered with the International Spine Association (ISA) to develop and disseminate information about the spine and spinecare public worldwide. The ISA is an international organization comprised of numerous divisions (spine societies) representing numerous countries on six continents. 


This unprecedented alliance will result in the ongoing development and availability of educational opportunities and resources. This includes the development of a large online multimedia database covering topics such as spinal anatomy, spine disorders, diagnostic methods, advances in technology and available treatment options.


This unique international alliance between the AASP and the ISA will increase public exposure to AASP members through the International Directory of Spine Specialists and the National Directory of Spine Physicians. AASP members will have direct and timely access to educational materials developed by the AASP and the ISA. AASP members can place an active plugin (link) on their practice website which will bring the user to the ISA and the online Public Information Center (PIC). This seamless link adds depth of information to the member’s website.

20. Candidate Membership


  • Build relationships with practicing physicians before graduation
  • Refine your skills as a spine specialist in training
  • Create a practice development plan  

Students, residents and fellows are eligible to apply for candidate membership with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP). Physician members of the AASP are offered the opportunity to participate in programs to help candidate members, their future spinecare colleagues. Candidate members receive many benefits of candidate membership.


Candidate members can participate in continuing education courses. They can acquire credits which can be applied towards Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicans (DAASP) and Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicans (FACSP). The credentialed status will not be conferred until the member has graduated and obtained a license to practice in their field. 

21. Interdisciplinary Introductory Letters


  • Expand your interdisciplinary relationships
  • Build your preferred spinecare network  

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has implemented online technology that can be used to help members develop spinecare referral networks within their geographic locations. Members are provided with sample letters of introduction which they can send to other heathcare providers. These letters may be sent along with other AASP resources such as brochures and fact sheets. These letters are designed to help build professional relationships which may lead to referrals. The letters can be modified by members to make it their own.


Some of the introductory letters are included in the AASP Practice Development Kit, along with a variety of other unique resources, to help stimulate interdisciplinary referrals. The AASP has designed a series of brochures about the Academy and the Benefits of Cooperative Spinecare. The AASP has also developed a brochure outlining the benefits of membership along with a simple application for membership which can be included with a letter of introduction.  The AASP encourages its members to invite other spinecare professionals to join.

22. Build a Press Release Program


  • Educate your patients and the public
  • Grow your practice by sharing news  

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is dedicated to providing its members with time saving and cost efficient methods of distinguishing themselves in their community, educating their patients and informing the public about trends and new developments in spinecare.


The AASP provides its members with an automated online “Build a Press Release Program”. The member can build impressive press releases from an extensive archive of news, facts and opinions published by the AASP. This unique opportunity demonstrates the member’s commitment to excellence in spinecare and increases the visibility of the member in their community. The member can use this program to disseminate up-to-date information about the spine, spine disorders and trends in cooperative spinecare to their community with a minimum of effort. This progam also helps introduce organizations such as the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) and the International Spine Association (ISA) as a resource of information to the public.

23. Technology Update

  • Commit to staying at the leading edge of spinecare

  • Remain aware of your patients’ diagnostic and treatment options

  • Access online profiles new technology and new techiques

The AASP is dedicated to making sure that each of its members stay informed about breakthroughs in spinecare and related technology as well as techniques. The AASP believes that members should be amongst the first to learn about leading edge technology and product development. To help accomplish this goal, each AASP member can access on online Technology eNewsletter. This service is made available through the contributions of the International Spine Association (ISA), Buying Advantage Members, Corporate Partners and Educational Sponsors.

The Technology eNews will feature advances in technology, new products and leading-edge services available to spine specialists of all disciplines. The Technology Section will provide a search function to help members locate a company, product, or service. The Technology eNews has a link to the technology section of the AASP website. This specialized area provides a list of contributors and a library of technology profile pages so that the member can quickly become familiar with available resources and their application in spinecare.

24. Patient Newsletter Program (New Benefit Under Development)


  • Keep good information in front of your patients
  • Encourage self care and prevention
  • Stimulate referrals from patients you are helping 

The American Academy of Spine Physicans (AASP) is dedicated to giving its members resources which they can use to help educate their patients. This led to the development of the AASP Patient Newsletter Program. Each member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) has an opportunity to grow their practice by educating their patients and members of the community with a monthly eNewsletter.


The patient newsletter is the result of a joint effort between the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) and the International Spine Association (ISA), an organization dedicated to educating the public and healthcare professionals worldwide. The AASP eNewsletter program was designed to help members inform their patients and the public about the spine and available spinecare. The eNewsletter program will help members enhance recognition in their community through a consistent and professional educational commitment.


Each Patient eNewsletter is archived on the AASP website by date and topic. They can also be accessed through the member’s practice website via a link. Each newsletter will also provide the reader with an invitation to join the ISA to obtain additional information. The content of the eNewsletter cannot be altered; however each eNewsletter can be personalized with the member's professional and practice information.

25. AASP Benefit Implementation Services


  • Obtain a step-by-step set of instructions for your staff
  • Revisit all of your membership benefit opportunities on a regular basis
  • Review benefit specific member testimonials 

Each AASP member can access a benefit implementation guide to facilitate the use of practice development resources and patient education resources. The guide serves as a practical list of steps which can be taken to implement the various member benefits. The guide can be downloaded from the member area of the AASP website and printed. The guide is included on the new member Practice Development Kit provided on CD. The AASP will continue to refine and update the implementation guide throughout the membership year. New and improved practice development resources will be made available on a regular basis and the steps for their implementation will be added to the guide.


The AASP will email a featured member benefit one time per week during the membership year. There are “26 Reasons to Join” therefore the each member will receive each featured member benefit twice throughout the membership year. This service will help keep the member informed about the resources available to them. Each featured benefit update will include an active link to the “Benefit Implementation Guide”, the “Academy News” and to “Member Testimonials” about the specific benefit. The expanded benefit information and related testimonials will also be available on the AASP website for members to access at any time.

26. Display AASP Mini Posters in Reception Area

  • Display your favorite AASP brochures with an AASP mini poster

  • Rotate the AASP mini poster for all to see and learn

  • Display important messages and your commitment to excellence spinecare

The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is committed to providing educational resources for the front desk and reception areas. Members can access a library of AASP mini posters online. These posters can be used to display a variety of important messages and will bring attention to the member’s commitment to excellence spinecare. Members of the AASP can purchase a plastic Countertop Display Stand at a considerable discount which can be used to display the mini posters as well as AASP brochures. A display should be placed in the reception area where all patients will see it. Additional stands may be purchased for use in other areas of the practice, including the treatment rooms. Members receive a peel off logo sticker which they can place on the display or in another area of the clinic.

A professional display will also serve as professional acknowledgment of the doctor’s membership with the AASP. Mini poster messages and AASP brochures will help increase patient compliance and stimulate referrals.

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