AASP Membership Renewal

Thank you for considering membership renew with the American Academy of Spine Physicians!

Renewing your membership with the American Academy of Spine Physicians indicates your reaffirmation to abide by the AASP code of conduct and related policies, all of which can be viewed in the documentation library. Membership renewal with the AASP also reaffirms your dedication to patient care and shaping the future of spine care.

If your membership has not lapsed you can review and update your member profile and submit an abbreviated membership renewal application form. If your membership with the AASP has lapsed your member profile may not be accessible and you may need to complete a more comprehensive membership renewal application.


Members whose renewals have lapsed may renew with the AASP by logging in and navigating to the renew membership icon or call us at (847) 697-4660.

Membership Terms: Membership with the AASP is for a period of one year from the time of acceptance. The anniversary date or renewal date is determined to be the first day of the month occurring one year after the date of acceptance or renewal. For example if you were accepted or renewed as a member of the AASP on February 22, 2003 you must renewal your membership and pay your annual dues prior to March 1, 2004. The membership terms apply to both the physician and candidate membership categories.

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