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The AASP Buying Advantage Program provides members with the opportunity to purchase items and services with a significant discount offered by the vendor. This includes medical supplies, tables, diagnostic equipment, insurance, office furniture, office equipment, and office supplies. The orders are placed directly with the vendors. The discounts may vary from vendor to vendor.

The list of companies and organizations that have agreed to participate and offer discounts to AASP members are listed below. Please click on the vendor of choice and their contact information will be noted along the agreed upon discount. If you wish to purchase something from a participating vendor please click on the vender and then their discount agreement and you can download a discount certificate (document).

Some vendors will be identified as AASP Educational Sponsors. This means the company is providing financial support to the educational programs of the AASP. Products and services listed as part of the AASP Buying Advantage are not endorsed by the AASP unless specifically designated as an AASP endorsed item.

You can also download a complete printout of the AASP participating vendor list, their services/products and the extended discount to AASP members.

Buying Advantage FAQ's

What is the AASP Buying Advantage Program ? The Buying Advantage Program was developed by the American Academy of Spine Physicans (AASP) to help bridge the gap between companies which serve the spinecare field and spine specialists who are members of the AASP. It provides an opportunity for participating companies to introduce products and services to members. Participating companies are required to provide a "special offer" to AASP members. This may involve a purchase discount, free educational resources and/or other opportunities.

Does participation in the AASP Buying Advantage Progam constitute a product or service endorsement by the AASP ? No. Companies are invited to participate in the program by the AASP because of their reputation in the spinecare field. This invitation and their commitment to participate do not constitute a specific product or service endorsement. The program was simply developed to introduce available products and services to AASP members. Companies do have an opportunity to apply for an AASP endorsement. This requires a separate application process.

Is there a list of companies which participate in the Buying Advantage Program? Yes. All participating companies are placed onto a Buying Advantage Program Directory. The listing includes all pertinent contact information and a link to the company's website, if available. The online directory provides simple a search functions to help the user locate specific products, specific services and companies.

Do companies pay a fee to participate in the AASP Buying Advantage Program? Yes. Each participating company pays a fee of $ 600 per year.

Does the AASP share in the profits realized from the sale of products or services through the AASP Buying Advantage Program? No. The only revenue the AASP receives through the Buying Advantage Progam is the annual fee of $ 600 fee paid each year by each participating company. This fee is not dependent on sales.

How do I place an order to a company participating in the AASP Buying Advantage Program? Contact the company directly. The contact information is posted on the Buying Advantage Directory. Purchases are not made through the American Academy of Spine Physicians. In some cases a "special offer" certificate may be posted by the company n their website for AASP members.

What if I have difficulty obtaining the desired products or services? Contact the participating company directly. The AASP does not play any role in the order and/or delivery process.

Are "special offers" through the Buying Advantage Program available to physicans who are not members of the AASP? No.

As a member, how do I access the AASP Buying Advantage Program? Go to the AASP website at spinephysicians.org and log into the member area with your unique user ID and PIN. From the member area homepage, click through to the Buying Advantage Program.

Does the AASP have control over who participates in the Buying Advantage Program? Yes. The AASP must approve a company's application prior to allowing participation. If a company does not conduct business in a professional manner they may be prohibited from ongoing participating in the program.

Can I use this program to develop my practice after graduation? This is an excellent opportunity for those who are new graduates or who are planning to expand or develop a new facility. The cost savings could be considerable.

Does a company have to have a website in order to participate? No, although the AASP does recommend that companies link a website to their Buying Advantage Directory listing.

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