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The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), is a national organization of healthcare professionals dedicated to excellence in spinecare. The AASP was founded by chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons committed to conservative and cooperative spinecare. It has become one of largest and fastest growing organizations of its kind.

The Academy promotes integrated and evidence-based spinecare and is devoted to providing educational opportunities and resources for physicians, patients and the public.

To further the introduction of the organization, I have attached a few links below which might be of interest to you.

Informational Links
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Buying Advantage Program
Buying Advantage Brochure
Corporate Partner Brochure
Educational Sponsor Brochure
Corporate Opportunities Booklet
Corporate Opportunities Program
New Technology
International Directory of Spinecare Products
Continuing Education Brochure
National Spinecare Awareness Initiative
National Spinecare Awareness Initiative Application
AASP News Archives
National Directory of Spine Physicians
AASP eBook (All eBooks are virus free)
Audio Visual Tour(s)
Patient Information Center
30 Tips to Better Spine Health
Informational Membership Application
Spine Physicians Referral Network
Member Websites
AASP Projects
Cooperative Spine Care
30 Reasons To Join
AASP Goals
Historical View
Mission and Vision Statements
Academy Council and Scientific Consultants
ACA Feb. 2003 Article with George J. Dohrmann and David H. Durrant
     Conservative Management or Surgery (The Team Approach)
CE Course & Sample Exam
National Directory of Spine Physicians Application
Membership Summary

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