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AASP Position Statements

The AASP recognizes the need for guidance in practice standards and responds to concerns from other medical specialties or from concerns within its own membership. The Academy may occasionally issue position statements in response to important issues.

Before becoming an official position statement of the AASP, the material undergoes review by committee and then by the Board of Directors. The Board may then approve the statement for publication in the online Academy News for membership comments or it may send the material back to committee with instructions for needed changes.

Once approved by the Board of Directors, the position statement is published in the online Academy News and/or cited elsewhere on the AASP website. Members have up to 60 days to send comments. If adverse comments are received, the Board of Directors reviews these and the originating committee a consensus is reached on any possible changes. If no adverse comments are received, the statement is then sent to the Board of Directors for final approval. It then becomes the official opinion of the American Academy of Spine Physicians, and the formal statement is published in the online Academy News and posted under Position Statements on the Academy website.

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