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The AASP has set forth a number of goals and objectives, some of which are listed below.

AASP goals and Objectives include:
1. To promote integrated and evidence based-spinecare.
2. To provide flexible and cost-efficient continuing educational opportunities for spine specialists
3. To develop and implement educational opportunities and resources for patients, physicians and the public.
4. To develop programs and initiatives that will encourage and support cost effective spinecare.
5. To develop programs and initiatives which prioritize conservative spinecare.
6. Reduce the prevalence of back pain and physical disability.
7. To promote the development of leaders within the spinecare field.
8. To promote the background and training of chiropractic physicians, neurosurgeons and other spine specialists.
9. To maintain an organizational management structure that will ensure implementation and pursuit of our mission and goals in an effective and responsible manner.
10. To serve as a patient advocate, providing educational materials and programs that help keep the public informed about advances in the evaluation and care of spinal disorders.
11. To develop a graphical database of degenerative disorders of the spine and their stages of development which can be used to educate as well as motivate physicians and their patients.
12. To advocate increased funding for basic and clinical spine-related research.
13. To promote open dialogue and clinical interaction between members of various healthcare disciplines
14. To develop cost-effective online and home study continuing educational opportunities for physicians.
15. To further the development of Internet resources which can be accessed by interested parties 24/7.
16. To develop and implement a National Spinecare Awareness camping with effective initiatives.
17. To deploy strategies that will encourage patients and the public to visit and revisit the AASP website.
18. To provide credentialing programs for physician members
19. To serve as a reliable contact for the press to obtain timely information about spinecare, particularly the benefits of prevention, early diagnosis, timely intervention and conservative options.
20. To encourage research in all phases of spinecare.
21. To disseminate information about conservative and cooperative spinecare to the healthcare profession and the public.
22. To provide an interactive online search format for members.
23. To provide Internet resources to members including database plugins for practice websites.
24. To develop member-networking or "team-up" initiatives.
25. To acknowledge and make available spinecare products and services.
26. To develop strategic alliances/affiliations with educational facilities and spinecare organizations.
27. To offer candidate membership to future physican in training (students, resident and fellows).
28. To help develop an international organization committed to informing the pubic about the spine and available spinecare worldwide.
29. To inspire members professionally and personally, thereby, generating leaders in the field of spinecare
30. To support the development of critical relationship between neurosurgeons, chiropractic physicians and other members of the spinecare community.
31. Encourage ongoing education and credentialing via Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicans (DAASP) and Fellow status with American College of Spine Physicans (FACSP).
32. To value people and do everything possible to create an environment where camaraderie and friendships flourish, where there is an open and generous sharing of knowledge, and where any qualified neurosurgeon, chiropractic physician or other physician specialist who wishes to participate can do so.
33. To design and implement educational resource centers for students and residents at educational institutions.
34. To advance the field of neuroscience and spine science through scientific publications.
36. To offer practice development resources which members can use to develop and grow their practice.
37. To develop "corporate opportunities" which encourage physicans and companies to work together to improve spinecare.
38. To provide information that may help third party payers and organizations reduce the financial burden of spinal disorders.
39. To predict and positively impact the evolution of spinecare facilites.
40. To positively influence and shape the future of spinecare.

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