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  2. ENewsletter eBlast
  3. Site Article eBlast
  4. Refer a Patient Feature
  5. Patient Testimonials
  6. Practice News
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  9. Contact Us
  10. Site Counter
  11. Special Graphics / Navigational Bars.Online Administration Panel (Enables Maintenance of the entire site)E-mail/phone consultation consisting of 2 hours of general internet and website orientation, education, marketing techniques, website consultation and helping the Physician master use of the administrative panels.
  12. Chiropractic Service Summaries
  13. Payment Methods Accepted by the Practice
  14. Custom Branding
  15. Ability to link to the AASP Patient Information Center (PIC)

AASP Member Testimonial - Tim Pugh, D.C. - Buford GA.

I've been a member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians since July 2003, and have seen a continual improvement in membership benefits, the most recent improvement being the creation of AASP Member Websites.

The websites are highly interactive and very professional in appearance...and they're still improving! In fact, all the resources available through the AASP are first-rate, from press releases to practice brochures.

Speaking for myself, I'm more than satisfied!

Press Here to view Dr. Pugh's Website.

Spincare Public Awareness Intiative Website - Todd Bedell, D.C. - Milpitas CA

As a new member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians, I have had the opportunity to associate myself with the wave of the future in spinecare. Cooperative spinecare only makes sense. Together, a universal team of physicians, can accomplish a lot more in the care of patients with spinal disorders. This multi-disciplinary approach is logical, practical and results in higher quality of care for the patients.

I'm participating in the Spinecare Public Awareness Initiative, and I have been impressed with the quality of the educational materials. The brochures and cards are easy to download, and they printed out without any problems. Thanks to the new, high quality brochure and business card paper, my materials look like they were done professionally.

The biggest addition to my practice was my website sponsored by the American Academy of Spine Physicians. Now my patients can learn more about their condition and understand their treatment options. My website has also been a great introduction to prospective patients. Anyone now, can log on to my website and discover what my clinic has to offer and address a lot of questions before they decide to schedule an appointment.

I'm excited about the concept of working together to serve the patient. The patient is the one which will benefit the most from cooperative spinecare.

"The support team at the academy has been incredible to work with. All of my requests have been addressed with speed and precision. I really appreciate the commitment to excellence."

Press Here to view Dr. Bedell's Website.

AASP Member Testimonial - Mark Morningstar, D.C. - Flint, MI

Spine & Posture Rehab Centers of Michigan acknowledged that they had received 6 new patient referrals within the first few weeks of implementing their website which was obtained through the AASP. Dr. Mark Morningstar, Executive Director of the centers is an active member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians.

They also report that local healthcare professionals have given them positive feedback regarding the ease of navigation on the website. The correspondence further stated, “We are absolutely delighted to have such a powerful, interactive, and professional looking website.”

Press Here to view Dr. Moriningstar's Website.

AASP Member Testimonial - David Radford, D.C. - Solon, OH

I am truly enjoying the benefits of membership in the AASP. I appreciate the effort you made to move my website and revamp my web pages. The website is more professional now and the traffic from the site has turned into real patients calling for appointments, not just website visitors. I am using the new educational brochure and the diagnosis check off list in my report of findings. The patient's with Internet access are returning to site to find out more about their spine problems and the information available there has reduced the amount of time I need to spend explaining the various spinal disorders. I have encouraged several of my chiropractic and neurosurgical colleagues to join the AASP.

I think the potential for professional synergy is tremendous. It is a wonderful platform for both of our professions. We will grow closer together in this effort, the patients we serve will certainly benefit.

I truly believe AASP is more than a marketing tool, it is an area of common ground for both our patients and for professional education. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help.

Press Here to view Dr. Radford's Website.

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Patient Information Center(Available Through the AASP)

  1. Spine Anatomy
  2. Signs and Symptons
  3. Diagnostic Tests
  4. Spine Disorders
  5. Spine Charts
  6. Non-Surgical Procedures
  7. Surgical Procedures
  8. Training of a Chiropractic
  9. Training of a Neurosurgeon
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