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January 2004


A record number of customized websites have been developed for members of the AASP. These websites are personalized and are linked to the AASP website, providing a seamless link to information for patients and the public.

The AASP recognizes how important it is for members to be able to reach the public and educate them about their facility, their staff, their credentials and their role in spinecare.  The AASP is dedicated to continue its developmental efforts in this area.  A good website is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity for the physician and healthcare facility.  Most large medical facilities and centers have interactive websites requiring that smaller more specialized practices do the same to attract patients.

Most consumers and patients expect healthcare facilities and professionals to have one and gravitate to those facilities which appear committed to open communication and education. The internet has become a way of life and patients will often do research on a practice or a physician by using the internet in the privacy of their home.

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